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    I wonder if the limited ammo / supplies will make to release.

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    It is a core part of the game to make it slower and more tactical, so I can't seen them fundamentally changing that. It is supposed to stop you from spawning in and running around like a Rambo lemming.

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    Unsettled wrote:
    I wonder if the limited ammo / supplies will make to release.
    Depends how much the COD kiddies become Unsettled when they get to play the beta and start complaining, I believe some of the more "hardcode" features may be rolled back somewhat - but I hope not

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    I'd welcome it. Shame it took so long. /still not convinced it'll make the cut.

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    In Hard core mode it should have planes take off from an airfield and resupply ammo from there too, and no customization.. Just keep it authentic between the different countries.

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    The graphics look awesome. I'm not sure I'm all that keen on the gameplay. I think I may be over the BF experience. BF1 and Hardline ruined it for me I think. I'll probably wait for a special on this, if I get it at all.

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    yeah that flying clip has put me off, looks like the map is big enough for a strafing/bombing run the a hard turn to rearm / ad nauseum.

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    Having watched this game play I now feel better about the upcoming BFV

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    Im guessing you spawn into vehicles instead of a runway which is lame

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Im guessing you spawn into vehicles instead of a runway which is lame
    Arrh, those BC2 days

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Im guessing you spawn into vehicles instead of a runway which is lame
    Those young ins are not patient enough to wait for a plane, gotta have that fast paced straight into the action game play.

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    At least you can't get rammed by impatient young'ins on the runway because you took 'their plane.'

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    It is how they have done it for the last two games, so no surprise they haven't changed it back. People raged pretty hard about getting camped on the runway in BF3, so they did away with it.

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    Isn't that what AA guns are for to protect the planes taking off.

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    Nah, they are dotted through the map to shoot them down. You can hook them up to vehicles and tow them around as well.

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    -Flying looks disappointing, slightly cool, but just too arcadey. Needs bf1942 style runways and the need to land for repairs and rearm. Looks like you kinda just spawn in and instantly go into a strafing run/dive bomb. Spawning inside the vehicle is lame.

    -Maps need to be bigger. I predict this will be an overall issue even though we have only seen the one map.

    -XP gathering indicators per landed shot being proxy to damage dealt is intrusive, arcadey, too much information, bad for meta, dumbed down feel. Prefer to get rid of the hitmarkers too, have slightly increased fidelity on blood hits. Potentially keep hitmarkers for flak cannons and some vehicles.

    -Slightly too fast gameplay in general.

    -Character customisation could have got rid of the bizarre, out of place, zany features yet still retained depth. Small simple changes and additions would have been more effective and immersive. I would prefer to see slightly different uniforms, small accessories and effects, rather than weird jazzed up American football cliche zinc under eyes, prosthetic limbs, hockey masks etc.

    -I don't like the idea of having a normal and hardcore mode, I think the normal mode just needs to be slightly more hardcore, but not as far as being the typical COD/BF hardcore, the game doesn't suit that great of damage dealt.

    -HP regen system not too bad.

    -Removal of easy spot system good.

    -They haven't really gone to any great length to make a superb game, quite typical of the current state of the gaming industry, looks to be the best of a bad lot. What are they doing with all their money?

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    I'll keep playing squad.

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    BattleCrap wrote:
    Maps need to be bigger.
    We've only seen half of one map in one game mode in an alpha build. They only played 2 days out of a possible 4 without the extension of the map from day 2. It's like saying the first 2 stages of a rush map are the entire map.

    BattleCrap wrote:
    -They haven't really gone to any great length to make a superb game, quite typical of the current state of the gaming industry, looks to be the best of a bad lot. What are they doing with all their money?
    That's such a baseless assumption, lol, you read the foreword of a book and just put them down knowing everything they've written eh? Like cmon, that's just ridiculous.

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    The nature of recoil, damage, movespeed (among other factors) are all decent proxies to map size. I did say 'predict' with regards to map size, It's extrapolation. I'm confident in my prediction, but I understand why someone would be wary of my sweeping generalisations. Time will tell.

    BF1 was relatively bad, it fell off super fast and drew a lot of criticism, when I see BF5 it reminds me a lot of BF1. TBH I will probably actually end up buying it, and getting my monies worth in relation to enjoyment and a few hundred hours playing, that's pretty cheap entertainment. But I don't see it as being a great game that lasts years and has legacy (HL, CS, SC, LoL, DOTA, WoW, BF1942, BF2, COD, COD 4, etc). It'll last about 12 months and then they will release a new title, it's a rinse and repeat business model we have seen since about BF3.

    (I understand the industry is far different and much more competitive now compared to the days of the examples I gave, but that doesn't mean great new stuff, or otherwise superb same stuff can't be made)

    They need to revise their business model so that it encourages a game to last 2-3 years, where they continue to make money off the game other than from the initial upfront cost (avoid paid DLCs and pay to win factors, there are other ways). Look at CSGO and LoL and how successful they have been, it's down to their business model incentivising the business to make a truly great game, and continue improving upon it because it continues to cashflow.

    The games are actually geared to only last about 12 months with regards to the business model and strategy, they need the game to die to warrant a new game in some respects. Why did they move away from community made mods is one great question? The answer is so they can make the mods themselves and sell them for $100 the next year, imagine a BF1 WW2 mod that had similar talent as some great mods in the past (CS, DOD, DC Final, EOD, Arma ones, etc), would pretty much negate the need for BF5 until some truly new things come out, like great new physics, graphics, engine. They don't push the paradigm anymore, they just exploit inside it.

    It's a great example of modern disruption theory, look at how successful PUBG is/was, yet how meh it was, they pushed a frontier and were rewarded greatly, big companies have a tough time doing this because it's initially unprofitable/smaller margins and inherently risky, so they cop-out.

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    I was watching a video about battlefield 5 and thought that the snow was a lot more than it should be so I just commented so I could figure out whether that's me or others think the same, creator replied saying that it does become hard to gain sight of enemies, people are wishing for a scale-able environment and I completely agree with them.

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    The physics look hilarious.
    Bodies aren't server-side yet.
    Jumping while sprinting makes you go faster.

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    The usual alpha/beta bugs - three months of spit and polish will fix that.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with another bf4 style launch at this point, the amount of broken and re-broken things and new stuff not yet implemented (which is guaranteed to break more things in typical dice fashion - see the tank richochet bug that turned up in bf1 after fixing a sound issue...) worries me a little.

    Not that it will stop me playing it, its just expected at this point a patch or two will be needed after launch to get it running right.