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    Suicide Squad [2016]

    Since we officialy have a cast now I figured this should get its own thread. The cast for this looks frikin amazing. The art work is fan made btw i just thought they looked pretty damn cool. There is a lot of hype for this especially since it will be the first post Batman V Superman movie. Hopefully WB doesn't screw it up. Since the future of the entire DCU will rely on the success or failure of this movie. Since we already know Batman v Superman will at least make huge money at the BO (the movie will need to at least get mostly positive critical reception as well) suicide squad is unknown to most of the general movie going audience so we can only hope that people will like this as much as guardians of the galaxy.

    Directed by: David Ayer
    Release Date: 5 August 2016

    The Joker Jared Leto

    Deadshot Will Smith

    Rick Flagg Tom Hardy

    Harley Quinn Margot Robbie

    Boomerang Jai Courtney

    Enchantress Cara Delevingne

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    Goddam that's some terrible fanart.

    I don't understand why Suicide Squad is coming at the start of the DC lineup, I would've thought they'd wanted to focus on their roster of heroes first. But, it seems obvious this simply a response by DC to Guardians of the Galaxy's runaway popularity. "Group of misfits saving the day? Greenlight this asap we'll make a billion dollars!"

    Also...stop trying to make Jai Courtenay happen, Hollywood. It's like Sam Worthington all over again.

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    Lol I like the guy. I just don't think he can pull off a lead role yet e.g. die hard.

    I feel like Smith will ruin this for me.

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    Smith just seems like stunt casting in order to get some guaranteed bums on seats. Feels like they're so worried that it won't work, they need to cast one of the most bankable stars.

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    Keen(ish). Still a ways off yet though.

    Hope the Joker artwork is accurate, Leto looks awesome like that.

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    Damn looks like Tom Hardy has dropped out. Gyllenhaal may be his replacement.

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    Jai Courtney is the worst and also has a terrible name.

    I bet you Will Smith brings his son.

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    Valeyard wrote:
    Damn looks like Tom Hardy has dropped out. Gyllenhaal may be his replacement.
    That sucks, I like Tom Hardy, we will see if and what Jake can bring to the table.

    God I hope Harley is done well, she is my fav super villain so if she sucks in this movie I will hate the whole thing. PLEEEEASE be good Margot Robbie!!!

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    Valeyard wrote:
    frikin amazing
    You do realise Will Smith is cast in this film right?

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    Hardy realised it was bomb material and walked.

    I wouldn't at all be surprised if Will Smith's agent is sweating right now, or at least pressuring for rewrites to give Smith's character a bigger part.

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    Gordy wrote:
    I bet you Will Smith brings his son.
    He pretty much won't do films now without him. The kid is so awful.

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    I hope you know what your doing DC. Cause this don't look like the joker to me. Looks like some white rapper on crack.

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    Looks like bad fan art. Damaged? really?

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    Is that Marilyn Manson or The Joker?

    Not a fan but I'll wait and see how he performs first.

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    Those are some godawful tattoos... "on the nose" doesn't quite describe it

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    Losing faith if that's the final look.

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    Heath is rolling in his grave

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    Gwarden wrote:
    Heath is rolling in his grave
    Heath didn't die for this.

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    Leto is great...but whoever made the call on the look, damn.

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    Looks ****ing awesome to me. Great take on the character.

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    I actually own quite a bit of Suicide Squad etc and i still do not recall Joker ever being in it as part of the group.. irrc he is too difficult to work with and more likely get killed or kill the other inmates.

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    Pretty sure hes the antagonist.

    I dont like the new look. The tattoos are way too fan service.

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    I'm not convinced those tatts aren't just for promotional purposes and aren't in the final film.

    Otherwise, what Skorky said