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    Hahaha That mofo was awesome value. Till the whole name suppression thing...

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    Goner, stardio or huntly harry.

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    always a shame when posters like mutton up and leave suddenly for unknown reasons

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    inb4 another suspension

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    Sphyre, Mettler and Mutton at the least have pretty clear reasons why they left. I remember when mutton had admin/mod access again for a wee while and deleted SOCTS, the rage was amazing.

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    reb & dr. spiral

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    Feral, QueenBitch, Sir Mighty Dork, rkelly, hattie, yello, Angel, 750mls, LittleMissViolated

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    JFlip, GPOD has been seriously lacking in threads about people doing flips.

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    Galent wrote:
    He moved cities and became too cool for us

    I miss mettler when he would go on his rampages about being intelligent. Oh and nflatedtuna. That dude was alright

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    Kelso wrote:
    I miss mettler when he would go on his rampages about being intelligent.
    It's okay, Zarkov has filled that void quite well.

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    Yes Mettler's straight shooting, calling a spade a spade and complete inability to troll is greatly missed in this the era of the clockblocks and Conebuffies.

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    Spiral, only for his annoying Caturday posting.

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    Mettler left?

    Stardio was always good for a laugh.

    EDIT: And vegrandis.

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    mettler wet his bed and got too embarrassed to keep posting

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    I miss graphman novelty threads

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    theradio wrote:
    EDIT: And vegrandis.
    And JvJ

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    Brennos wrote:
    And JvJ
    He was a grumpy bastard. Those drunken midnight custom tag sprees though!

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    He had a cool rotor, and a thing for asian girls

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    Disco bacon and NOMANCAN + Bonus - jalapeño (shit that dude was a armchair warrior )

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