The Expanse

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    I think I need to re-watch this again from the start

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    I really do hope they get back to season 1 and 2 quality in season 4. Having to butcher things due to lack of funds sucks.

    Last book is insane, and doesn't look like plot is slowing down, potentially bright future for the show.

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    Man! feels ages!

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    I am a little worried where the TV series goes next as book 4 was the slowest of the books for me.
    Also not sure how they will deal with the timelines from the books in the TV series if it gets renewed for further seasons.

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    Just started reading Leviathan Wakes last week. At what point does the show catch up to the books?

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    Valeyard wrote:
    Tried watching this the other day. Barely made it through the pilot. Not a fan of the slow burn they got going on. They try and hook you with that cliffhanger at the end of episode 1 and it did work for a bit. I tried episode 2 and it goes right back to being a bore. The space stuff is easily the most interesting stuff plot wise and visually its impressive. I get why it cant all be in space though. But seriously. The earth subplot with the investigator is boring as. I've heard it kicks it up a notch in episode 4 don't know if I can put up with it tho.
    Yeah it's either episode 4 or 5 where they pull off some incredible scenes. I agree about the investigator but it has huge payoff later on. It's a show you have to dedicate time to and actually sit down and watch properly but it is worth it(later on lol).

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    They ever find out who destroyed the creators of the gates?

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    Miller is one of the best characters in Leviathan Wakes, not so much in the show as it focus more on james and his crew, most books to tv are a slow burn, maybe give a book a try then go back to it

    if they stay true to the books and it stays on air its going to get very epic a few seasons from now
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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    Just started reading Leviathan Wakes last week. At what point does the show catch up to the books?
    I'm pretty sure its near the end of book three at the moment, but the show is little bit different to how the books are and its been a while since I read them.

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    AnotherLeon wrote:
    I think I need to re-watch this again from the start
    Thanks to a stinking head cold, I'm now up to Episode 8 of Season 2. Daaaaaamn it benefits from being watched this way.

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    Any news on next season?

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    jords wrote:
    Any news on next season?
    Nothing definitive yet, but filiming for Season 4 finished in Feb 2019.
    Hopefully it will release in the next couple of months and it may release all at once

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    Ah yes the Amazon method! Do we know if budget increased? more violence, gore, CG etc?

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    Season 4 trailer from comic-con. Debuts in December.

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    Wow, the show is absolutely stacked with cash now. Those CGI are Rockefeller rotten with wealth. Really makes you wonder how sick season 3 could've been if only Amazon bought them sooner.

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    Looks amazing Can't ****en wait!!

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    Aww that looks amazing. My second favourite atmospheric re-entry now (nothing beats the Adama manoeuvre), this looks like Amazon are treating it right. Yessssss.

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    Sweet baby Bezos

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    TatonkaBill wrote:
    Sweet baby Bezos
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    13-12-19 is too far away

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    jords wrote:

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    I am excited by this media