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    Article wrote:
    So one of the things we're doing to push the level of accomplishment with these tombs is something we call nested puzzles, which were actually common in classic Tomb Raider games.

    "It's where you have multiple sides to a room or multiple things you have to do to solve the main puzzle. And this really allows you to actively tinker with these different elements rather than just standing there, face-to-face [with a puzzle] and scratching your head.

    "These tombs will take you longer to solve but it's still an interesting combination of physics and cause-and-effect systems that add up to that grand finale of getting through that door at the end of the room.
    Hell yeah, colour me excited!

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    Should be fore-bearer, not forebear ^_^

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    Black Plague*** wrote:
    Should be fore-bearer, not forebear ^_^

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    Egor wrote:
    Apologies, for some reason I read it as forbear, as you were

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    Good stuff. The "challenge" was surprisingly lacking from the last

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Good stuff. The "challenge" was surprisingly lacking from the last
    Agreed. Give me something like St Francis' Folly, or Palace Midas, or Cistern, or Obelisk of Khamoon and I'll stupid happy!