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    So the latest news is it's apparently going to be slower paced than the walking dead...... So stuff will probably start happening in the season finale :-/

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    Pretty sure we already knew this

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    Gwarden wrote:
    The only thing I wonder is how long they can keep up the early-days-outbreak story before they necessarily start crossing over into the type of stories it's parent show tells. Almost like this would be better suited to a one-off prequel mini-series.
    Totally this. Makes me think of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, it fitted in well as a prequel.

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    What random ethnicity is ol' Cliff playing this time?

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    Richard7666 wrote:
    What random ethnicity is ol' Cliff playing this time?
    Afriexicandian American

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    Richard7666 wrote:
    What random ethnicity is ol' Cliff playing this time?

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    Already been renewed for season 2 with 15 episodes.

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    Skorky wrote:
    Pretty sure we already knew this
    I'm slow

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    First reviews are in.

    Critics have seen the first few episodes in America, which has been described as being more slow-burning than the original series.

    Esquire's Calum Marsh praised the performances of Curtis and co-star Kim Dickens, who play married couple Travis and Madison.

    "Dickens (who's been in everything from Deadwood to Gone Girl) and Curtis, in particular, are terrific, deepening a husband-and-wife pair that on paper may have come off as slightly thin," he wrote.

    "By the end of the second episode, as the dead start walking and the two find themselves half a city apart, I felt thoroughly invested in seeing them reunited and ready to survive. That's a good sign."

    However, Variety's Brian Lowry said the creators of the show had "a long way to go in terms of conjuring anything approaching that sort of emotional investment in these characters", compared to characters in the original series.

    "Granted, the obvious goal was to see these extraordinary events unfold through ordinary people, but Dickens and Curtis, both fine actors, are left to dine on a too-thin gruel," he wrote.

    Indiewire's Ben Travers also praised Dickens and Curtis' talents, but said in the context of the show they were "largely wasted opportunities".

    "Both have enough charisma, presence and talent to carry a show, but neither are given a lot to work with here. (I'm still hoping they'll get a chance to flex their dramatic muscles later on.) The writing is tepid, with tried and true horror cliches driving the simple if serviceable action."

    Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter found the prequel "less magnetic" than the original.

    "There are, undoubtedly, moments in the first couple of episodes where it's just not nearly as much fun as the original and, because viewers want to see zombies, the whole thing feels like a lurching story we already know being told too slowly," he wrote.

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    Sounds ok to me, this show should be about the build up, the not knowing whats going on.
    I would be turned off if they started bite checks and head shots before the end of season 1.

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    Slower pace doesn't bother me. I just hope the characters and writing are better.

    I *think* the writers have learned lessons with TWD but sometimes its hard to tell.

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    Only 4 days to go. HYPE!

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    So long as the characters and story are engaging then the pace shouldn't matter.

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    I wonder what they will call the Walkers during the initial outbreak period? Will they use the "Z" word? Maybe they'll just refer to them as infected?

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    Is this showing on NZ free to air like TWD?

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    People still watch free-to-air tv?

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    Free is always good . Not had a sky sub since leaving the UK 7 years ago. Free to air and Netflix US for me.

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    I think about 20min of Paul Henry in the morning is all the broadcast TV I watch haha

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    I don't watch any broadcast TV actually but have Freeview just in case. Everything else is Netflix.
    Anyway, back on topic, pumped for this show

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    Puk wrote:
    Is this showing on NZ free to air like TWD?
    Just heard it advertised on SOHO starting Monday

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    yesss... will catch this on hulu +

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    Druggie kid annoys me. I want him to get his face eaten.

    Slow start as expected, I liked the sirens and helicopter noises in the background to build tension

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    Liked the druggie kid nick, liked the urban city scene. Building up some good suspense.They left their daughter behind @ school to find her own way home only strange thing i saw. Promising.

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    Solid first ep apart from being entirely predictable (which I guess is to be expected of a zombie show).