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    Yes, yes - they think exp will convince people to play as as team. Maybe so, or maybe it will just get people doing enough of the things they have to get the exp they want and any impression of 'team play' will be a side-effect. There's a difference. Also, people love kd/r, but I understand the urge to avoid it.

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    Ever since the Return to Castle Wolfenstein days I've been waiting for an ACTUAL objective based FPS came that isn't total shit. Fingers crossed.

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    I've been reading critical reviews on steam and is doesn't look terribly promising. There are a lot of complaints about poor balance, but, being F2P, you can't access all the weapons and classes without considerable grind or spending $$$. We can safely assume that most matches are played in a situation where people have different options available to them, and there's a highly restricted number of variables present at any one time - so who the hell knows if the game is balanced or not. You can't balance your F2P shooter in this environment.

    Why don't they make all the weapons and classes available and monetize other aspects like skins, sounds, sights, HUD, alternate models and gfx etc...

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    You can sign up for the closed beta through the game's website and they'll send you a Steam key. Why don't you do that, play it and make up your own mind?

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    Don't know about the balance cause i've only played a little bit, but the general gameplay mechanics are really good. Maybe a little bit campy at times though, but i guess that's the nature of attack vs defense. Would certainly recommend to anyone who was into RTCW/ET/ETQW.
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    Did you get a key or buy in?. I'm still waiting on a key.

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    stil wrote:
    Did you get a key or buy in?. I'm still waiting on a key.
    I signed up for a key like 3 months ago and got it about 2 weeks back.