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    Black Ops was one of the best Call of Duty's, on par with WAW, but BO2 was a little dodgy. Not sure if exited or not.

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    Not WW2, not interested.

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    Damn was hoping for WaW 2. Should still be sweet tho. Loved BO1 and 2 & 3arc is way better than the other CoD devs

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    Was also hoping for WW2

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    ohhhhhhhhhhhh baby a triple

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    this should be good black ops 1 was heaps of fun and 2 aswell

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    KrimzinZV wrote:
    Not WW2, not interested.

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    i like BO but this is my feelings on no WW2, guess i'll just go back and play the old MoH games starting with the janky number 1 on ps1 (seriously, an FPS using only the d-pad T_T )

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    Black Ops is awesome and Treyarch are awesome! I'm excited.

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    I'd only really care if I could start a LAN with a single copy. Haven't been able to do this since WaW and is one of the big reasons I mostly ignore COD these days.

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    krimzinzv wrote:
    not ww2, not interested.

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    3arc is way better than the other CoD devs
    They have been the better developers after the release of WaW and Infinity Ward going downhill from the release of MW3. Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4 and MW2 are definitely my favourite Call of Duty games. WaW 2 would be sweet, though they might decide to go back to WW2 during the campaign at some point in the story or something.

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    BLOPS hasn't been as good as MW

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    I'm glad its BLOPS 3. I hope they put in maps like Standoff and Hijacked.

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    Yeah Standoff was awesome. Hopefully they have a few more bigger maps in this

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    The CSI of video games

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    Would have liked another WW2 game as well but I still enjoy B02 so its all good.Hope they do a 4 player offline mode for current gen so many laughs playing that mode on xb360 with BO2.

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    I am disappointed that the World at War 2 rumours turned out to be false.

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    Can't say I'm excited

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    Would've liked to see another WaW, enjoyed the first one.

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    Was hoping we'd at least see a slightly different timeline, kinda like Blops 1, but I get the feeling it's more "near-future" mumbo-jumbo