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    Looks like Modders can breath easy now haha

    though I can totally see why people want to try and game the system in GTA online, Ive been in it since it was released on the 360, and played online a reasonable amount from then till now, but im only level 50ish, with no hope on getting much more, simply because im pretty casual and dont care for chores or grinding in the slightest, and feel that the rewards never justify the effort involved, and I just dick around with friends, so not much gets done, as a result im always broke and getting totally ruined by people 3 times my level haha

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    Just an anecdote, but I got banned for two weeks without using mods or any form of cheating (albeit my account was hacked and someone else used it for a week so it's possibly a delayed effect from something he did, it happened about a week after I got the account back), so it's possible something else is up for any people who thought they got banned for using mods in single player.

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    Well, they better unban some of these people. It's going to take a lot of time, though.

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    It's only a two week ban, so it's not too much of a problem.