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    Yip, they are working on it though, so many patches a day working on optimization.

    My 280x can't really handle it atm.

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    i7, 16gb memory, ssd, 780ti

    I was only getting 24-30fps... mostly everything was on high though.

    Running the server needs some epic specs... I had 20 people on, was using 8gb of memory and 4cpus @ 70%

    Still very impressed.

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    Nice, will keep playing with my settings I guess, 280x is only just slightly worse than the 780ti.

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    Yeah, the 'feeling' wasn't that nice though. I ended up turning it down a bit more... looks a bit shitty now, but still ok.

    I'm sure they will get there over the next few weeks. My guess is that it's an issue with lods and 4k textures no scaling well.

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    Hmmm combined a few things off reddit and tweaked it myself a bit more. Getting 30-40 FPS on a gtx 680

    Drop these:

    into --> X:\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\Windo wsNoEditor

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    awesome will give that a go, cheers.

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    Well the trailer certainly looks amazing. Been watching some streams and seems ok. Are there seperate PvE and PvP servers?

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    This guy might have a T-Rex soon.

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    Shroomz just tamed a flyiong dino, it can pick people up and drop them. Epic.

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    Liquid, that ini disabled Fire/Torch light lol. What one I got to change to get that back?

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    you have disable the simple dynamic light which puts your fps back to shit tier. just open console and type gamma 2.5 or gamma 3 at night time ^^ Use gamma 1.5 - 2 during the day

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    Looks really cool, but I'll wait a bit to see if the game gets some better performance optimization first. Also, would rather play in SP (local server I guess), but don't know how well that would work.

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    This could be my first steam refund.

    It runs like ****ing arse here on any setting

    3570k @ 4.2ghz on Water
    R9 290x Oced

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    Yeah you need at least a couple of 980's or Titans in Sli to get any kind of decent settings with a playable framerate (or so I heard).

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    It's an alpha, these are things you have to live with. They are working hard on optimising. The game right now is already so much smoother than it was day one.

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    the games a lot of fun just don't think that its a finished product you can spend 10mins and get a good setting just have to aim for performance rather than visual.

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    InvisibleShadow wrote:
    Yeah you need at least a couple of 980's or Titans in Sli to get any kind of decent settings with a playable framerate (or so I heard).
    You heard wrong. SLI doesn't even work yet and it wont until dx12 comes out in july

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    liquids in there somewhere :P

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    You level 60 already?

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    nah. admin'ed it in to see what the end content was there... man this game is going to be hard to get to end level. I reckon a good month or so, even with a decent team.

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    escay wrote:
    This game needs some serious optimisation ASAP. I only have 8gbs of ram and it keeps maxing out and lagging. pretty much everything on low
    RAM or VRAM? 8GB RAM doesn't mean much.

    However, the game is indeed poorly optimised. I can't stay at 60fps maxed out on my GTX970 SLI.

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    Unreal 4 engine doesn't have SLI support, Direct x 12 should see some better optimization.