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    ARK: Survival Evolved

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    there was a dragon in the end?

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    DA-YUM. I was ready to dismiss what is yet another Early Access survival game, but that trailer was certainly something else!

    The most impressive thing actually is that they have a clear release window of Q1 2016. Goes to show what happens when you have a project helmed by AAA industry veterans. Clearly there's some big VC cash behind this.

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    Seems nearly too good to be true/happening.

    Far Cry x Dinosaurs x Rust, and you can shoot Dodos in the face with arrows...

    ...yes please!

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    Looks cool but would prefer just pvp

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    iludez wrote:
    Looks cool but would prefer just pvp
    This is why we can't have nice things.

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    pyrocore wrote:
    This is why we can't have nice things.
    I just prefer a pvp experience.although this could be cool playing with a few mates.

    I dont have any.

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    This looks pretty ****ing awesome.

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    Dino-Riders: The video game! Awesome.

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    Post fixed.
    iludez wrote:
    Looks cool but would prefer just pvp, because that way we can go gank some n00bs with little more than clothes on their backs, ruining any potential fun for everyone but us. The results will be a game virtually inaccessible for people not already organised in gaming social groups.

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    Would probably be true if thats how i played.But considering i prefer to be a lone wolf this gametype is actually more catering to what you suggested but k

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    Still a social game that more or less fosters a "shoot first, ask questions later" atmosphere from the get-go makes it HUGELY inaccessible for loads of people.

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    It will still turn into that most likely anyways.Dont get me wrong its a great concept for players who want to team up.

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    As long as there's a choice between PvP & PvE servers I'm happy. The "kill on sight" mentality absolutely ruins these gametypes.

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    Just need a good disincentive for people not to KoS.

    Can't wait for this.

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    It's weird.... old me would have cringed at the PvP element, but new me loves it.... I've become what I used to hate.

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    Holy!! Ok - me likey!

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    Yeah if it lives up to the trailer this will be huge and possible rust killer.

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    You can apply for beta tester here

    If you get chosen then the game's free

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    I dont play any game that glorifies the killing of dinosaurs

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    Wtf @ the dragon at the guessing that's kind of a one-off haha.

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    How much will the game cost and will there be a price difference between Early Access and the full release?

    We haven't decided on the full release price yet, however it will not be as cheap as Early Access. Early Access is going to cost $25. As for consoles, that price is also still TBD.
    $25 and comes out in 3 days.

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    Big streamers will be streaming Monday/Tueday

    So hyped for this game O_O

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    Its $70 for 4 pack or $40 for 2. Anyone up for group buy?

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    Could be keen