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    NZ is on the map? nice...usually cut off

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    There's a bunch in the outback too.

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    I lul'd when I saw NZ on the map .

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    Gerter wrote:
    The Dark Army are in Central Otago

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    cromwell and wellington.

    always suspected they were dark army strongholds

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    Season final tonight and also renewed for season 4!

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    Yeah great season, looking foward to the next hack

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    Yeah this season really elevated this show from being pretty good to epic

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    Enjoyed it.

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    makes you think: is elliot insane or are the characters actually seeing their dead parents that White Rose revived?

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    clockblock wrote:
    makes you think: is elliot insane or are the characters actually seeing their dead parents that White Rose revived?
    You think? I have never seen anything to question that Elliot has Dissociative Identity Disorder, if anything I would have thought this season confirmed it.

    Personally, up until the reveal that Elliot threw himself out the window I would have said that the time-travel stuff was 100% deluded bullshit/manipulation. That one thing started to make me wonder if Elliot's DID and assorted issues are self-created (essentially Elliot creating a stable loop through mental illness).

    This show is straight-up awesome BTW. I love how the narration is framed.

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    Binged all this season over past few days, amazing! loved the muslim kid episode

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    In a recent interview Christian Slater sparked rumors that season 4 might be the last. Right now it seems like smoke. So who knows.

    But Rami Malek has followed up saying.

    Yeah, heís always said maybe four or five, and that is still pending in his head. Iíll tell you that Iím sure the studio would love to see it go for as long as it could, but heís restrained. Heís got a story to tell, so Iím all for whatever he wants to do. Heís a very brilliant human being.
    if not this season then I think next season will be the last.

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    Good to have this frame of mind imo.

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    Just re-watched with a friend who loved it. Do we have to wait until next year to see a new season

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    Not going to watch the trailer but I'm so hanging out for this.

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    I really hope they dial back the crazy just a tad. Season 3 got needlessly convoluted and the overall narrative got lost at times because I felt the metaphors were taking precedent.

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    A year+ wait is far too long.. like homeland I have limited interest in it's final season now

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    long wait for this show, but I'm still keen.

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    The wait has been long but still a must watch, characters are so good that i need to see what happens lol

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    Back Tonight

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    I need a refresher

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