Headphones for PC gaming

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    Im selling my ADG1x as those 3d wings just dont work for me.
    Going back to my good old Sennheisers with a proper headband.
    Wife has M50x and they are really nice, M40x is meant to be more of a neutral soundstage.

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    I went from AD700x to HD6XX from Massdrop, both ran through a Xonar Essence DAC/Amp.
    Didnt really mind the "wings", made them feel lighter, and i could wear the 700s for days without ear fatigue. 6XXs are definately a nicer sound, but find i get fatigued after a couple hours. Have had to replace the cable already, and will be replacing the pads soon too.

    No need for mic as i have a boom + Yeti mic setup.

    EDIT : As of 18/01 the replacement cable has also started to fail. So will be getting that replaced under warranty.
    Pretty disappointing really.
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