Fallout 4 - Bethesda

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    Fallout 4 - Bethesda

    Its official!

    This is not a fake as it was tweeted from the official Beth twitter account.

    The Countdown Clock is counting down with 18 hours to go.

    I am super pumped that we finally will get not only confirmation, but some actual details. I expect a lot more detail at E3 too. Today is a good day.

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    Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.
    let's hope the modding community is up to the task

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    Good Lord, just let the last gen consoles die already! Hopefully they're just being ported down, would hate to see the game's potential held back by cross-gen multi-platform development.

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    Last gen consoles too? They better not be still using the same game engine! :mad:

    What they squeezed out of Skyrim was amazing, but there's only so many times you can rebuild and reuse the same tech, and the lack of any kind of support past DX9 is going to kill any chance of the game looking like The Witcher 3 or other modern titles.

    Please Bethesda, get this right...

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    This has to be DX12 and 64bit or the community will rage

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    They wouldn't make it an MMO would they?

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    unless its a case where its a freemium MMO or something

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    MrCynical wrote:
    They wouldn't make it an MMO would they?
    and fail like elder scrolls online? I would hope the industry has learned

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    Im a not completely surprised that the last gen consoles are included. This has likely been in production since 2010 or there abouts, and kicked in to full production in 2011. So it predates the current gen machines.

    Not too concerned at this time. Will wait to see the deets before I comment on speculation.

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    I haven't even played Fallout 3 xD and now I feel it hasn't aged well and can't be bothered with ancient graphics (yes I'm a terrible person)

    any mods that make it look nice? might need to play fallout 3 before i jump into this.... should i bother with 1 and 2?

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    Yes there are a tonne of mods for 3 to make it not look like you're seeing the world through a veil of your own feces

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    I did an excited little drop of wee in my pants reading this.

    Yeah, not ideal they need to support the antique ps3/360 but I'm guessing they will be using the skyrim engine.

    Reckon it will be set in Boston

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    I played a bit of the first one but missed the second two. Might have to give Fallout 3 a whirl.

    The game is $12 but the GoY is $24 is the DLC worth it?

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    If there is a mod that lets you kill people with a poop gun, there has to be mods that make things look better haha

    Im a bad person and people will shiv me up for not getting into Fallout 1 and 2, after putting hundreds of hours into 3 and NV, I couldn't get used to the isometric turn based gameplay, and after getting killed in the early areas of exploring in a new game time after time again, pretty much never actually progressing, I just had to stop playing, despite that I still love the games and studied the lore, I just cant play them haha

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    Great news on the back of the TR teaser yesterday.

    2016 could be the best year in gaming for me. Mass Effect 4, Fallout 4, Deus Ex MD, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hitman, FFXV, Uncharted 4 & another Assassins Creed

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    For the record, if its an MMO I will rage for at least five days. Everyone has been warned.

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    Bobs wrote:
    For the record, if its an MMO I will rage for at least five days. Everyone has been warned.
    This, although it will likely be more than 5 days from me.

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    I wish Obsidian was involved NV was far better than FO3

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    Bobs wrote:
    For the record, if its an MMO I will rage for at least five days. Everyone has been warned.
    what if it's an HD re-release of 3&NV?

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    johnny utah wrote:
    what if it's an HD re-release of 3&NV?
    Then they wouldn't call it Fallout 4...

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    So excited. That is all.

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    Ill hold my breath, if its more FO1, 2 or NV than 3 then im excited, if its oblivion/skyrim with guns like FO3 was ill be pissed.

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    still wish it was the original fallout rpg style but times and life has moved on..