Final Fantasy VII remake in works; coming first on PS4

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    Insolvent wrote:
    Turn based
    Story Driven/Fantasy RPG
    Level and upgrade progression
    Memorable Characters/Soundtrack

    Pretty much the formula for a successful Final Fantasy, one which they haven't used in years. Lost me as a hardcore FF fan many years ago. Even though this looks like a cool remake, i'll be holding my breath

    They seriously not releasing a full remake?
    In the Exact same boat bro, everything I loved about this series as a kid is gone.
    Dragon Quest is where its at!

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    FFXV was good imo *shrug*

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    jords wrote:
    FFXV was good imo *shrug*
    It was good until you hit the point where it really feels like it was meant to be three times the length

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    jords wrote:
    FFXV was good imo *shrug*
    I thought it was a straight dumpster fire and felt nothing like a FF game. I played for one afternoon then gave back the copy I borrowed.

    I'm hyped for this FF7 remake after seeing the E3 footage.

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    Maybe I had been craving a FF game since I did not like 12 and could not get myself to play 13

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    jords wrote:
    Maybe I had been craving a FF game since I did not like 12 and could not get myself to play 13
    I actually enjoyed 12, I didn't play it till a year or so after release however so my expectations were low.
    13 is trash tier

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    I am going to give 12 another go in the future on PS4

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    One of the better videos I have seen from someone with hands-on time with the game.

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    Good video, it's looking solid af

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    jords wrote:
    FFXV was good imo *shrug*
    I was absolutely loving it until that train ride and the last stanza.

    It indeed went trash tier after that, awesome before that though.

    Been contemplating jumping back into FFXIV lately too, got a couple high levels chars, def my 2nd fave MMO outside of ESO.

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    jessie is smokin', more so the the main girls imo. i hope they change one certain aspect of her original story (OG players know what i mean).

    looking foward to seeing what scarlet and lucrecia look like. i think we can assume yuffie looks more or less like AC version.

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    Square Enix Has no Plans to Release Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Xbox One

    As previously announced, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for the PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020. We have no plans for other platforms.
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    We already know that it's a timed release. It'll be on PC by mid 2021 at least, calling it now.