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    Looks good, looks very FFXV-esque.

    Hopefully the combo systems and general combat is better than FFXV though, I'm still salty at that game a bit however lol.

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    Cant really deduce much gameplay wise from those screenshots but it looks nice.

    All though I've seen some people speculating that Nomura might be implementing the KH-esque battle system he had planned for Versus XIII. Just based on the fact that there is a command menu in the screenshots lol.

    I fully expect the mechanics will be similar to FFXV. It will be pretty jarring for a lot of players if they change whats already been established before hand. I know each title tries to change it up a bit but FFXV was a lot of peoples first FF and if the VII remake is something drastically different that may not go down well It will be interesting to see what route they go down. Hopefully they do what FFXV did and appeal to first timers and FF fans.
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    Could look better, just hope the gameplay ends up being good.