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    Ok, that new mechanic is going to change this a fair amount. Unfortunately I think it will add more fuel to Hunter than the others, but that a super early not knowing anything assessment.
    Excited to see more of the new cards.

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    Yeah if that inspire ability doesn't change, I'll definitely be making a hero power hunter deck. Or a hero power totem shaman deck.

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    Theres also a card that has battlecry (so the effect is permanent) upgrade hero power. Priest, Mage, Warrior, Druid and Pally powers all do exactly the same thing twice (heal for 4, 2 recruits, etc). Shammy gets to choose their totem. Lock doesn't pay life to tap. Rogue get shafted and his weapon goes up one whole dmg, no more durability. Hunter thank god only goes to 3 dmg. I think warrior and druid are the clear winners with lock a close runner- up.
    That giant fits well with priests. Now that turn 2 heal myself even though we're both still on 30 actually has a purpose.