World of Warcraft: Legion

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    There was no reason to move it again until now, I guess, with Khadgar and the Kirin Tor being instrumental for fighting the Burning Legion?

    And I'm pretty sure they explained what the Broken Isles is in the preview, the remnants of the old Elven civilization or some shit, on Azeroth

    I imagine we haven't been there because magic and reasons and shit

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    Ah right so its on Azeroth, that makes sense expecting that they could only move Dalaran within Azeroth.

    As for its location, I read an interesting question posed to a WoW dev a couple months back.

    The question was: Is Azeroth as we know it only half of the "world". The reason the question was asked is because planets have south and north poles; Northend is the Northpole of the planet, whilst Pandaria is still tropical, meaning Pandaria is only in the centre of the planet; this indicates that what we've seen of Azeroth to date is only half of the planet.

    The dev responded by saying it was a very interesting question and there may be some truth to it.

    If this is the case then they can just double the maps size and add the bottom half of the map in giving them twice as much area to keep adding new land, including these "Broken Isles"

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    Seems like they'll be a bit of a lore character kill-off at the start. Hopefully they'll off thrall.

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    Watch heaps of major characters die... Varian's not even in the character bio on Legions website, or Thrall... or Tirion... yet Ashbringer and Doomhammer are both Artifacts.

    Inb4 they die and give you 'the hero' their weapons.

    Sylvanas will end up as a raid boss towards the end (sigh) because of lazy writing. I'd love to see her regain her body somehow, that would have been a much better story. Illidan will be a good guy, help us take out the Legion then betray us later.

    I'm probably wrong... but it's fun to speculate lol.

    Looking forward to DH.

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    I'm cautiously optimistic about Legion.

    However about the last thing the game needs especially with current Heroic and Mythic raid design is more melee specs and they are adding two (dps Demon Hunter and Survival Hunter).... so dumb.

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    Saw a crow flying around in the feature trailer, secretly hoped for Medivh coming back (loved his role in WC3 warning bitches).

    Turned out it was Khadgar forgetting he was an archmage that can simply teleport everywhere. Tuned right out.

    TLDR: Watchu know 'bout lore Blizz?

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    That whole scene was just a nostalgia trip for WC3 players, the same way Medivh warned Lordaeron... and now Khadgar is warning Stormwind in the same style. Mind you, Khadgar was Medivh's student lol.

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    TBH WC lore has never been good with dealing with the 'teleportation' mechanic that the more powerful (Arch)mages can employ.

    At least in some instances they try to indicate that it requires and consumes a healthy chunk of the mage's reserves, hence it's not used constantly, particularly in combat.

    It'd also be reasonable to assume that they employ certain anti-teleportation magics in certain instances, i.e. you wouldn't want mages to be able to teleport directly into a throne room unannounced, now would we? I would expect most parts of Capitol cities to employ magic/mystic defenses, particularly in Castles/Thrones Rooms etc etc, esp Stormwind+Org. Admittedly this doesn't explain why he didn't teleport to the Mage's Enclave or w/e it's called, as this area is obviously 'unlocked' for this purpose.

    Let's be honest - in real terms Khadgar would have used magic to communicate with both Dalaran and The King @ Stormwind immediately following discovering the Burning Legion's presence, as there would already be mechanisms in place for this type of alert. Or at least there sure as hell should be following the events of the last ten years!

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    Wow lore never makes much sense they retcon things constantly.

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    It basically looks like WoD v2.0 to me.

    There hasn't been a kick-ass expansion since WOTLK (even calling WOTLK is pushing it) and that isn't because the content in the expansions sucked, its because they ****ed the core game so much that it doesn't matter how awesome the content is artistically, thematically or how spectacular the story is, its still going to be the same watered down babby's first MMO that WoW has become.

    It always gets to the point with each new expansion that I'm like "OK LETS BOOT THIS TRAILER UP LOOKS SWT, THERES NO WAY THEY CAN MAKE IT EVEN MORE CASUAL THAN IT IS NOW, BRING ON THE THROWBACKS TO THE GOOD TIMES!" and I see fking artifact weapons or some lame shit like that so everyone who is running around now is Thrall and every Demon Hunter is going to be running around with a pair of Illidan's Glaives, I mean its just toxic to the whole MMO experience to me.

    Their heads just seem to be so far up their ass because of how successful the game was and they don't actually understand what the hell they're doing anymore instead of trying to make people nostalgic and sell those expansion boxes to people who'll sub for a month tops, the passion is gone man.

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    Depends on your definition of "casual" ?

    I remember reboot's first few raids lol

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    The raiding is still alright but everything else has become a bit of a running joke yeah.

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    The game is more casual than Vanilla/BC but that doesn't mean it isn't difficult... not many guilds pass Mythic raids, the mechanics are different to Normal/Heroic and more complex. What annoys me is people say the game is dumbed down easy but haven't actually cleared the hardest content :\

    Do you have Mythic on farm every week?
    Have you achieved a high Arena rank?

    No? game isn't easy for you then.

    also, vanilla wasn't hard... it was piss easy actually, just needed heaps of time to gather 39 other assholes to be on time for raid nights.
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    Dicey wrote:
    The raiding is still alright but everything else has become a bit of a running joke yeah.
    Pretty much man.

  15. Yelling

    Someone just won the internet.

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    Dat Murloc

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    i really really really want sargeras to enter the game this time around. Even if it is just through possessing khadgar

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    I reckon it's 50/50 whether end boss will be Avatar of Sargeras or Kil'jaeden again

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    I'm speculating the following people to be "last boss"

    Proper Kil'Jaeden, not the crap we had in BC
    Khadgar going full-retard like Medivh did
    Jaina comes back crazy/mad about Horde being in Dalaran etc
    Sylvanas... no idea why, but I'm leaning towards it (hoping not)

    I don't think Illidan will be bad tbh, got a feeling he's going to be our ally in some manner

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    Last ever?. Has to be either sargeras, whoever the head of the titans is or the last old god.

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    I just mean for Legion lol

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    Calling it now: the end boss will be something really lame like "us". As in, we, the heroes, became corrupted somehow, and must destroy ourselves before we ruin everything.

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    i really don't want it to end!

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    teelo7 wrote:
    Calling it now: the end boss will be something really lame like "us". As in, we, the heroes, became corrupted somehow, and must destroy ourselves before we ruin everything.
    In a double twist, the factions get redefined as "fel" and "normal"

    I.e. horde and alliance unite but we get a choice to go "fel" and join a separate faction to go against the normals. The fels can take over a bunch of the alliance and horde towns

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    For anyone that hasn't seen it yet, Demon Hunter sample footage

    Can't wait... T_T the hype train is too much to handle