World of Warcraft: Legion

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    teelo7 wrote:
    1. Karazhan doesn't have an "h" at the start of it
    2. Noone premades a +10 anymore. Get and screen people in the premade finder. If you're the healer then you'll fill quick. Avoid people from Ragnaros.
    3. Phail Phaction
    4. Its spelled "role".
    Haha, wow. Where do I start?

    Glad to see EJ's still exist. Thanks for the grammar lesson...

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    iMAGiNETHAT wrote:
    Glad to see EJ's still exist.
    The GM of Elitist Jerks moonlights as the Game Director of WoW, so yeah.

    It's cool when game developers are actually good players as well. Still only 10/11M on Antorus though, guts.
    He's got Sulfuras and Scarab Lord though, so pretty old school.

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    Niice Quasi, maybe you should join that guild haha.

    I've completed Heroic Antorus now and will be running a group tonight!

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    does anyone play on BARTHILAS

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    60 USD, 100 NZD

    The rape is real

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    any guild I can join on Barth? Need to get heirlooms. Horde

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    Kog wrote:
    any guild I can join on Barth? Need to get heirlooms. Horde
    add me Stimpy#1399

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    Stimpy wrote:
    add me Stimpy#1399
    I found one

    too bad you can only be in 1 guild

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    What are you guys doing in game ATM?

    I just re subbed but nothing new really...I have cleared Heroic ANT on multiple characters and half of them on Mythic with no desire to raid hardcore anymore.

    I have all classes at 110 and their class quests done and all over 920 ilvl...

    Done M+ as much as I found enjoyable, not too keen on it right now at this stage of the expansion...

    Currently leveling a warrior for nostalgia's sake.

    Any other suggestions?

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    I've just started back a few months ago. Hadn't touched the game since Pandaria.

    To be honest I'm just levelling toons setting up the OH and generating gold from them. Have done some M+ but otherwise pretty meh.