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    GP COMP: Win one of 10 Smite Founderís Packs for Xbox One

    Hey everyone!

    Smite is a new take on the MOBA genre. It pits two teams of five deities against each other, but the action is observed from a third-person perspective rather than above. Itís been doing rather well on PC since it launched last March, and itís now available, free-to-play, on Xbox One.

    To celebrate the gameís official launch, we have 10 Smite Founderís Packs to give away courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios.

    A Founderís Pack gives you access to all the gameís present and future gods, as well as 400 gems and two unique skins. Each is worth NZ$40. On top of that, Founderís Packs wonít be available after August 31.

    To be in to win, simply comment below with your answer to the following question:

    ďYou are a god with ultimate power Ė what is the first change you enact on Earth?Ē

    Winners will be drawn next Wednesday. Good luck!

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    I would wipe out all those terrorist groups in the world for a start

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    Ban the use of the term "GamerGate" from the internet...

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    I'd send my son back to earth for revenge. The tag line: I didn't forgive all your sins.

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    Nekomimi harem.

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    Obligatory xkcd:

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    KrimzinZV wrote:
    Nekomimi harem.
    amen sister

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    Get rid of all these shitty reality shows like MKR, Masterchef, Xfactor, The Voice etc
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    Shave two strokes off my golf game.

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    Need to change McDonald's lettuce from shredded to whole pieces.

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    Materialise KFC dispenses in every NZ home.
    The kicker is, instead of being a fatty mess, this magical KFC makes you lean and mean... the more you eat

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    I would institute the Justice Zone from Red Dwarf on the planet....

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    I would banish all cheaters and hackers to the Japanese Island Tashirojima (Cat Island) where the banished will be drenched in milk, left to die a slow painful death at the paws of the hordes of cats licking the pesky meddlers with their sand paper-like tongues!Name:  japan-cats_-2.jpg
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    Get rid of ISIL and change the Milo flavour back to its original in one swoop.

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    Abolish calories

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    Put Chris Pratt in a cage with some real velociraptors.

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    ďYou are a god with ultimate power Ė what is the first change you enact on Earth?Ē

    Do a murder-suicide on humanity.

    Comedy option:

    Make every poo a clean, gut emptying experience.

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    The obvious choice; Dreamcast 2

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    Rii wrote:

    Make every poo a clean, gut emptying experience.
    This gets my vote now too

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    I would cover myself in oil and slide around on my neighbor's kitchen floor on my tummy.

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    Thanks for the LOLs everyone!

    God of competitions hath whispered her winners, and they be:


    Looks like Chris Pratt's new home is a cage.

    Congratulations all! I'll PM you each a Founder's Pack code.

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    Woohoo! That's awesome

    Thanks so much, Matt!

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    Thanks Matt

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    Y'all are welcome, but don't thank me, thank


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