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    Just watched a couple of YouTubers play this with early keys, looks like a fun workout:

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    dickytim wrote:
    Well there are a few CV1's coming on Trade Me etc. at the moment, some people are asking $600 but anyone seriously looking at a CV1 would be aware of the S being released for $100 more includining shipping and tax.

    It looks like I have managed to secure a CV1 from someone looking to upgrade to an S. I am happy with this, and can sell me DK2, hopefully for around $100 to offset the CV1 a bit.

    Looking forward too the next VR step with the touch controllers, hopefully my CPU overclocked will keep up until the Ryzen 300 series is released, and I have saved up another $800 to upgrade that!
    Well that fell flat, I was about to go pick it up and the dude told me he sold it to someone else. Will keep an eye out for a CV1 that isn't more than they landed for in NZ or just spend an extra $99 for the S.

    Honestly why are people buying the CV1 for $600+ on Trademe?

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    There is a reason its nickname is Tardme.

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    Won an auction for a CV1 for $445 a little more than I wanted to pay, but it comes with a third sensor, which will be onsold to offset the price.

    The seller was spamming the Q&A about regretting putting up a $550 buy now as they thought it was worth $600+ (which I did see one go for) but I think people got wise to the S coming out and being priced at $699 including GST and shipping.

    Anyway, I am happy now, will be happier when I pick it up.

    What is a good FPS to use the CV1 and touch controllers with to get used to it?

    I was thinking Fallout4 VR. I have played the non VR up to the Institute, but I have also played a little CS:GO single player, and wouldn't mind something like that.

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    Quest status just changed to preparing to ship!

    <squeals like a girl>

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    Vulcan wrote:
    Quest status just changed to preparing to ship!

    <squeals like a girl>
    I'm pretty keen, but I'm pretty happy with my Go (and 99% of my usage is just browsing/TV/movies in bed), will be keen to hear whether it's a big step up in terms of visuals

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    The visuals aren't a huge jump, the difference between the single LCD screen in the Go versus the slightly higher combined res of the the dual-OLED displays in the Quest isn't much. It will be better with colour and blacks as you would expect with an OLED.

    I binged Lucifer on Netflix through my Odyssey+ last week, and whilst it was certainly nicer to watch on its OLED screens (which are better than the Quests), it wouldn't stop me from using the Go for that purpose. I played it in 4k on my PC and then used Virtual Desktop to get the best picture too - I'd say the anti-SDE filter made the most noticeable difference.
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    Yeah fair

    ...but I really want to justify an upgrade heh

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    Heh, I know, been down that path myself - but being that I have a much better gaming headset with a high-end PC in addition to the Go I can't make a good argument for it :/

    I'll wait for something with a much higher resolution screen before upgrading the Go for media consumption - something that can do 4k would be nice.

    Plus, I've only had the Go a year (since launch) and recently bought the VR Cover head strap and replacement foam for it - so would like to get more use out of that investment.

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    Got my Odyssey+.

    Pretty fkn sweet. Only notice a very small difference in the tracking with the controllers and only doing certain things.

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    Cool Those comfort mods I made to mine make a big difference if you find the pressure too much on your forehead - the plush VR Cover also stops the light bleed you get with the default skinny foam.

    I just got one of these VR cable management systems in the mail today, so will be putting that up tonight:

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    ^^^ Just started playing Pavlov with the CV1, I was totally getting myself twisted in the cables, ending up facing god knows what direction, and hit the couch and TV stand a few times (before I got guardian set up) may need to get something for cable management.

    So far I really like the CV1's screen, the SDE is noticeably less than the DK2, the colours seem a lot better and the hand controllers are a lot better to use that trying to use an xbox controller. I do have to have the CV1 fairly tight to focus properly with it, but I haven't found it uncomfortable yet.

    Looking forward to someone on here getting the Rift S and giving an honest side by side impression.

    BTW the CV1 doesn't seem to be suffering as much from my CPU limitations as the DK2 did, I was able to knock my overclock down to 4.0mhz, which is much more stable than 4.1 that I needed to run when using the DK2.

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    Any opinions on the HP Reverb? Need to buy one for work projects, but really want inside out sensors.
    RRP is $1195 - waiting on ETA and AOG pricing.


    2160 per eye though, so might need a beefier laptop than our current 1070.
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    The Reverb's are getting recalled at the moment... also 1080Ti is minimum for gaming on one really, don't know what is required for commercial software purposes

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    The Reverb's are getting recalled at the moment... also 1080Ti is minimum for gaming on one really, don't know what is required for commercial software purposes
    Crazy. Was only just offered it this morning.
    It looks like we would end up with a rtx2070 or rtx2080, but a laptop (HP).

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    Loving Google Earth VR. We walked our trip to Sydney for next year and found the hotel we want to stay at!

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    Guess I'm sticking with the Go, at least until they work this one out

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    So anyone knw when / where we can buy the Quest in NZ? Any retail shops selling?

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    I swear my quest is coming via fedex's equivalent of snail mail.

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    f***ing fedex... can they be any slower?

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    Does anyone play Contractors? I was wondering if it has NZ/AU players, don't want to get stuck with laggy games as it doesn't have the biggest player base.

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    Shadow BlaZe wrote:
    So anyone knw when / where we can buy the Quest in NZ? Any retail shops selling?
    Haven't heard of any, but can be ordered online in NZD.

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    Im one of those keen to trade in (sell) my rift for a rift S, inside out all the way