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    Lennysaurus wrote:
    Cheers HELLKNIGHT.

    Just read that you can use vive controllers with WMR headsets with a workaround which means I'm pretty much set.

    Just gonna use my old vive lighthouses and controllers with my new Odyssey+.

    Gonna be sweet.
    I heard there is a work around, but it isn't perfect.

    I'd recommend buying the VR cover for it, especially if you play any fitness type games, as it can be wiped down to clean (unlike the face pad it comes with, which just absorbs sweat).

    The VR Cover is also much more plush and prevents any light leakage. The trade off is you are more likely to fog up the screen with it, and the pleather doesn't feel as nice against your skin as the soft factory cover IMO - though its benefits outweigh the cons I have found.

    Also, this aftermarket head strap that is handmade made here in NZ. It makes it so you can wear it like a baseball hat and is so much more comfortable - you hardly even need to use the tension adjuster on the back with it, as the weight of the headset is being distributed across your head.

    Without it, the halo design puts a lot of force on your forehead, which makes it unusable for a lot of people and even though I didn't find that, it would leave big red marks on my forehead - which I now don't get (just the light redness you get from having something press up against your skin).

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:

    Yep, here is where I got mine from last year.
    Just needs to be a little cheaper to avoid GST etc. Currently you'd be paying another $130 in GST etc.

    That brings it up to $640 NZD landed, the Rift CV1 or even the S would be landed for the same money or cheaper.

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    Just noticed this

    Not sure how to buy to get that price, as it says no online orders available, pitty as if it was sent via YouShop it may end up just under the GST threshold.

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    If you wanted to avoid the GST you could just send it via YouShop and declare as such. I am glad I didn't do that however, as my original unit had a faulty controller on arrival and B&H Photo paid for the whole headset to be sent back to the US for replacement.

    It has a much better, higher res screen than the Rift by the way. It has the best screen of any VR headset currently on the market in fact - it is a lot better that the Rift/Vive and whilst it uses the same screen as the Vive Pro, the anti-SDE technology makes it better than that also - go look at the price of the Vive Pro headset by itself with no controllers or base stations...