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    i've never seen a rift at a retailer, you buy them from

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    Valeyard wrote:
    Anyone know where I can find an Oculus rift? All I can find are Vive's. None of the major NZ retailers seem to stock Rift anymore.
    Just buy the Vive instead?

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    Vic wrote:
    Where can I buy USB 3.0 active extension cables in NZ? I bought some on ebay but they're unreliable, shows up as USB 2.0 and sometimes 3.0. Both work in 2.0 but when I plug them and my Oculus HMD into a USB hub everything goes tits up, HMD and sensors drop in/out, yet they all work fine when I plug directly into the hub so it's not that or my PC at fault.

    All the extension cables people recommend on the forums and reddit are a rip, such as the monoprice cables which cost $82usd for shipping alone. There's gotta be a reasonable option somewhere. There are more options on ebay but they might all be as unreliable as the ones I bought already.
    I couldn't find a price though.

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    Amazon is often good for that sort of thing too. Check reviews etc
    ~$30 delivered.

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    Vive pro not his cup of tea.

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    If this games any good i might have to buy a VR headset.

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    Dam its for oculus..

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    Just did the steam VR test on my computer, and it isnt capable of even playing low grade VR.

    Am I right in thinking though, watching VR videos thru youtube's VR channel shouldnt be an issue.

    My computer was just bought new this year, its not a gaming computer.

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    VR is quite demanding on your GPU, what card do you have? if it's not a gaming computer it won't be enough. VR youtube videos are just 360 or stereoscopic videos.

    btw Beat Saber is probably the most fun I've ever had in VR.

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    That looks like heaps of fun!

    I just ordered an Occulus Go to dip my toe in to VR. I'll be building a new high-end PC in few weeks though, so will grab a proper headset if I don't get bad motion sickness.

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    so the Occulus go is not a proper headset?, i'm not sure myself on which one to get Vive or Occulus or something else, are those pimax ones any good?

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    Pimax has no built in tracker, iirc they might not support native 4k/8k stereo 3d, you run HD and they upscale, and I've heard the build quality is a bit meh.

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    |icED-e@RtH| wrote:
    so the Occulus go is not a proper headset?
    It is basically the same as the Samsung Gear VR, just with the phone guts built in and better optics than any of the existing headsets - it is most likely to be the first VR headset to get mainstream adoption.

    Considering there are already over 1000 apps for the Gear VR that are compatible, that isn't a bad thing (plus there is another 100 designed just for the Go). It is a seated VR experience, if you are wanting one for gaming with full motion controls, then you want one of the other headsets and a decent gaming PC to hook it up to.

    The Go can only handle mobile level games. But then again it is also portable like one - battery life is around 2 hours.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    No worries. I'll let you know what I think of it when mine arrives in a week or two.

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    Yeah Beat Saber looks insane