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    Gran Turismo Sport

    Figured this will need its own thread eventually.

    Beta early 2016 too.

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    Not liking the title, sounds like we'll be missing a ton of cars. Project Cars suck because it pretty much only has a limited selection of sport cars.. Would of been nice for some more info, guess we'll get more at PSExperience

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    It is a bit vague as to what it is exactly, but the video description has this:

    "In addition to everything you'd expect from a GT, the team at Polyphony and the FIA are introducing an online racing series that will be recognised alongside real world motor racing by the FIA."

    If its not a fully-fledged Gran Turismo title, and they're only releasing a beta around 2.5 years after the PS4s release, they've completely missed the mark again.

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    DW wrote:
    In addition to everything you'd expect from a GT
    I hope it'll allow any car you want to be driven on the moon, GT6 was totally missing the feature just for laughs..

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    So this isn't the next GT, but a new spin off based around a GT online racing series? C'mon Kaz, just give us a GT7. As much as I love GT, they really do deserve a lot of the criticism they get especially for being a bit backwards and too set in their ways. If this is their attempt at branching out into something new, looks like they missed the mark. Time will tell.

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    SWEEET, VR support too. Day one for me.

    captain oats wrote:
    So this isn't the next GT, but a new spin off based around a GT online racing series?
    Huh? Where are you getting this from?

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    All I can say is "umm..."

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    Felt like GT lost it's mojo with 5 & 6, compared to what Forza was doing anyway. This one will have to be pretty special to pull me back in.

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    Forza has been king since the first one. Usually being behind makes devs do some amazing things, so i'm sitting back with some popcorn. Bring on PlayStation Experience!

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    Getting a early start sounds excite!, not expected tbh.
    pretty cool!, I will have to update my hdd soon or delete heaps/
    need space for Just cause 3! and this.

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    3dfx_ownd_joo wrote:
    Huh? Where are you getting this from?
    This is exactly what it is, confirmed by Sony.

    Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7

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    Crow#Zero wrote:
    ^^ from the 20 mins I watched this morning before work a good portion was damage control as I think they were having technical problems. Commentating away until someone told them it was a replay lol.

    Not seeing anything new over the previous games so far..?

    official trailer:

    Should still be pretty fun, does seem pretty lacking in areas like car count for a GT game, 137 cars. Be interesting to see what has changed in the offline mode part.

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    I really need to save up for a decent wheel for this. Using a controller sucks for car simulators.

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    I wish MS would relinquish the exclusive rights to Forza so we can have it on Playstation, that game sh!ts all over Gran Turismo.

    Just want a GT as good as 3 was, and by "good" I mean I want a new GT that makes me go "WOW!" like GT3 did when I first played it. To me Four, Five & Six all just felt like 3 with new skins.

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    Totally forgot that GT had Rally in several iterations, apparently going to be in this one too, but probably not a substantial amount. I don't know how the keener race enthusiasts receive the info so far but I'm not seeing much of a step up from Project Cars - which admittedly I've not played, but for the PSN price of $70nzd which is the GOTY edition, I think I'd rather stick with that, and it has damage (I hate the buffering / comical bumping that the GT series is renowned for)

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    Well I jumped on Project cars and found it boring as **** so I'll be all over this since I've played every
    game poly has made, been waiting a long time for this, also don't care if it's half a game it's GT bitches on PS4!

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    Did I miss the beta?

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    Beta has been cancelled.

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    DW wrote:
    Beta has been cancelled.
    Well that sucks, I like the early non-prolouge 'demo' releases they do like GT:HD

    One thing I wish they'd add is the 'hybrid' collision model from GT5 prolouge, you can see it here @ the 4:50 mark. Game detects when a major collision is going to happen and turns 'ghost mode' on until the speed difference is minimal. Allows for trading paint without wall-riding dickheads. Probabily one of the best new things I've seen in MP racing and yet it never made the full game.

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    Looks stunning

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    Still sounds like ass tho.

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    DJ wrote:
    Still sounds like ass tho.
    Hes a LIVE!

    Not the best, but its a start & hopefully they'll improve it some more.

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    sounds super ambitious