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    Tis a good game, though the 'chase this person at the exact same speed as you until the scripted sequence allows you to catch them' bits are god awful, almost as bad as the old eavesdropping missions.

    Also a few crashes on xbox, but no game breaking bugs

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    good write up Baz, looking forward to playing this when i can afford it.

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    Excellent review. Though in usual ascree fashion I found it full of glitches. For the most part they were minor annoyances but the whole game crashed twice on me, which not even Unity did.

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    Just started this game in the weekend. I enjoyed AC:Unity despite it setbacks.

    This game leaps and bounds better, improved in a lot of ways. If I had to critique anything. Hard to choose which character I want to use and the amount of stuff they throw at you (weapons, perks, upgrades, side missions etc) can be overwhelming.

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    Yeah same Jords just started last couple weeks its far more interesting and polished game cant put it down!!!

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    The AC team seem to always make likable females. Evie is great and I loved Élise in Unity.

    Jacob besides being cocky assassin 101 plays off Evie's character well.