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    Im guessing thats like 85-90% on consoles?

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    probably, by the look of it most fps players are just playing cs:go

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    Black ops 2 was a pretty fun game.Last time i played it was dead on pc though
    Black ops series has always had a huge following hasnt it?

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    I think black ops 1 is still going on pc cause of the private dedicated servers

    I don't trust the game dev saying they wil launch mod tools in 2016, they said the same with black ops 1 and it take like a year for it to come out and they were still gimped tools

    I don't think the days of cod4 on pc will happen again

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    SirGrim wrote:
    probably, by the look of it most fps players are just playing cs:go
    And 85-90% of the people playing CSGO are playing to get skins to sell for steam dollars

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    Considering that Ghosts was awful and Advanced Warfare had a myriad of issues that completely crippled the multiplayer (It was literally worse than BF4 but got little coverage), it's not surprisingly that the most recent GOOD and WORKING Call of Duty is still doing well. That's Treyarch for you though, the only Call of Duty developer who actually seems to give a damn.

    On a side note, why hasn't there been a good Zombies mode since the original Black Ops? Black Ops 2 had an awful selection of maps, many of which didn't even support the classic survival mode, and Exo Zombies? What a joke. Hopefully Black Ops 3 will fix this when I eventually bargin bin it.

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    Still a fair few people playing BO2 on PC - never takes long to find a game