Billions - Damien Lewis, Malin Akerman, Paul Giamatti

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    Yea incredible final few episodes.

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    Yeah very good season, could tell in that last ep what was gonna happen to chuck. Highlight has to be the Ben Kim elevator scene haha

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    Likewise but I did expect that to all be part of his plan. Even the way he fired his buddy so publicly, so he could get the FBI gig was all setup between the of them.

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    jords wrote:

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    jords wrote:

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    Yes looks so gooooood

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    Only a few days to goooooooo

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    its out already m8

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    LiQuid.Ace wrote:
    its out already m8
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    So stoked this is back! Great first ep.

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    Great episode.

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    Privoxy wrote:
    Great episode.
    Agreed, I loved following Chuck around town.

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    Yeah loved that episode very under rated series

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    Another good ep. Loving Chuck and Axel on the same page.

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    Poor Wendy. Chucks speech was so hard to watch lol.

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    Oh niiice didn't realise this was back on.

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    Caught up, ep 4 was

    Galent wrote:
    Poor Wendy. Chucks speech was so hard to watch lol.
    You weren't wrong, I had to look away at parts. Got goosebumps near the end of it though, Giamatti can act!

    We all have our kinks, guys.

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    Wags and Axe going old school!

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    Wtf axe, that wasn't cool man.