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    Teams lists and draw would be nice 😉

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    dupl3x wrote:
    Bracket #2 - Autisti Janitors vs Reflex - Server:

    Who is in Reflex, nyway we can see team lists? Should have a plate draw for teams that are out first round
    Hell yes.

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    Maestr0 wrote:
    Reflex should win this pretty comfortably, theyve had some strong results so far
    We won't have our core lineup on the day. But glhf to all players! Keen to see more CSNZ events in the future

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    meeekael wrote:
    Hell yes.
    just spoke to iDanoo, hes doing a plate draw

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    everyone ready? glhf start warming up hangover people

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    #noprac #nostrat #yolo #getrekt

    no hangovers here, made breakfast and been for a run, warming up now

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    The hangover is real. Real enough to lay smack down

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    who do I need to check in with boys

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    I'm excited. Only got 3 online still rofl

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    I think we were supposed to have some praccy games last night I just woke up...

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    hungover and 5 hours sleep, lets do this.

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    I just want to say thanks to Yeti for lining up.

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    Mocksey wrote:
    I just want to say thanks to Yeti for lining up.

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    see you again in the losers bracket final?

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    is the ts in clips team twinsen from ultra?

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    ^not sure if he was in ultra, but yes he's twinsen from actionquake2/quake/tf2, pretty sure that's the one and only

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    Also, gg's all, great fun and really well run tourney, loved the 10-15 mins between games with a 40min odd lunch break to grab a feed, smooth as ****. Me and my hoes will be back for the next one for sure

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    yeh and from enervate n shiz, remember him and playerj used to be beasts

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    I used to play tf2 with ts for ESM, we were beast mode. 2nd in Australasia for a few months

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    Looks like a good event! Shame I missed it

    Who was who in the teams?

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    Mocksey wrote:
    I just want to say thanks to Yeti for lining up.
    that was absolutely sick hahaha

    **** we got quite rekt it's been so long since any of us ever did any comp, lots of fun though cheers to the guys who ran it. Excite ur a ****ing beast m8
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    Mate stop swearing, there are kids around.

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    Gg was fun.

    Keen for more of these.

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    J` wrote:
    Gg was fun.

    Keen for more of these.