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  1. Wink

    Made a funny montage video of my own, need you guys to have a look at it.

    Heya league players, just been making videos about lol plays.

    It has taken my a lot of hours and i thought i would show it to you guys as well.

    Hope you like. even if you don't please give some love and support!

    Happy holidays ya all

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    all I got from this video is that sometimes you play with the camera locked and sometimes you don't. Most people play one or the other

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    I only lock in using spacebar when I want to focus on my champ quickly.
    Made another video today.. if anyone cares haha

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    Very good montage man, keep going.

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    I have one. Pls watch this and cmt for me to improve next video.
    Hope you enjoy it. Lol

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    I recently made a video on how to be a useful support too!

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    Made a new video on Azir! Currently learning how to play him~~~

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    Alrighty~ I'm kinda learning Rakan and am trying out stuff.......... in Diamond 5 solo queue xD

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    Here's another video~ Thresh is a lot of CC! Check out the flash prediction!

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    shooting stars

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