Type 2 diabetes is there any cures?

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    Quasi ELVIS wrote:
    Is T2 diabetes always (or almost always) because you're a chub and is it obvious you're about to get it before it happens? Sometimes I worry I eat too much sugar and I'd like to be able to see the beetus coming on the horizon and panic before I get permanently ****ed up rather than after. My ex-girlfriend's mother used to always tell me I was going to get it and it scarred me for life emotionally, I get worried when I have pins and needles in my feet or I'm more thirsty than usual.
    It's a multifactorial disease. Just because you don't eat "sugar", doesn't mean you cannot develop T2D. People often blissfully jump to the conclusion that because T2D presents as high blood sugar therefore a high sugar diet is solely the culprit. According to some, certain fats for example hinder the bodies ability to process glucose. Which is probably where the "fat causes T2D, no, carbs cause T2D" debate comes from.
    If you don't want to adhere to a healthy lifestyle to prevent it (it may still develop regardless of lifestyle), then blood tests can tell you what's up and then you can go from there.
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    You've all made it clear to me that my understanding was overly simplistic.

    Maybe I should still get a blood test now and then to make sure I'm not dying of one thing or the other.

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    Yeah ask for a blood test if you're worried.

    As other people have said it's a multifactorial illness, but the most productive thing is going to be reducing to (or maintaining at) a healthy weight. Even getting BMI below 30 will be partially protective, and that is doable without any calorie counting or ever setting foot inside a gym

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    Always surprises me that people don't get checkups. If you're under 30, then sure, you can probably get away with it. But after 30 book a doctor once a year and get some basic tests done. People look after their computers more than they look after themselves it seems.

    Don't assume just because you're not fat they are are healthy. I'm not fat and have a fatty liver which i keep an eye on. Probably from all that shit I ate in my 20s.

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    Get your hunger on skinnyfattys.

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    Just to add to this... Type 2 does in fact assume youre chub or overweight MOST of the time. Type 1 or 1.5 (ADAD) dont. Type 1 is childhood diabetes and is genetic, type 1.5 is also genetic but has slow onset, its basically Type 1 in adulthood. Youve basically been thrown a genetic lemon of a body.

    Type 1.5 is often MISDIAGNOSED as Type 2.

    Anyway if you have any form speak to your doctor about B1 supplementation. This is pretty safe with next to no side effects but massive benefits.

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    CODChimera wrote:
    What do you mean by 'if not administered right'?
    Too high a dosage or simply being used when you are susceptible to side effects after perhaps misdiagnosis.