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    2 amazing curries. If you're in Chaing Mai, the above school is highly recommended (one of the best cooking schools I've been).

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    man I wish I could stomach coconut milk but it goes through me faster than the speed of light

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    Coconut ice cream is amazing. As is coconut yoghurt.

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    Thanks for the recipes man!

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    oh man those thai curries look delicious

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    Thread bump. Couple of cheesecakes I made for work's cheesecake month.

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    Jesus that top cheesecake looks amazing. Cant find a good cheesecake around here either >< Dam you

    If they are easy to make for a nub...could you give me the recipe? Would be great with xmas dinner!

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    The recipe for the basic cheesecake is at work, will take a pic of it when I remember. The base cheesecake is easy to make with a good mixer, but I wouldn't personally make it myself at home because the recipe calls for gelatine leaves, creme fraiche and lemon juice which are things I don't use a lot of so leftover ingredients would probably go unused. The thing piped on top was my own creation without recipe. You can make any flavour you want, but I infused some green tea in cream, melted white choc into it and then whipped it up.

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    The bottom one is actually really tasty. My fun take on a pina colada, substituting lemon juice with pineapple juice and coconut cream instead of regular cream.

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    Outstanding, they both look stunning!

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    Chocolate's gone a bit sweaty, but I made another cheesecake.

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    Goddamn, looks professional as hell.

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    Thanks Most of what I do is actually experimental. I've basically taught myself through research, trial and error and a bit of a pic 'n mix of recipes. And I'm not even the pastry chef of where I'm working now. Only doing these because the pastry chef is on holiday. She actually trained in France in proper pastry, whereas I take recipes and go a bit off track and add my own ideas I'm noob but I like to try things.

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    Oh lordy. self invite to your place for dessert, ok? hrrrngggggggggg

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    cheesecake game DAMN.

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    Ok last cheesecake pic. Mint and choc.

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    You got some skills with the baking.

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    I would be keen to open my own cafe if I had the money.

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    Korean fried chicken. Next time I won't use breast but it still turned out awesome.

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    Remade my karaage from the earlier thread and a kickass bacon and egg pie

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    Made my first udon soup in a few years and just kinda freeballed the recipe. Had to cook it all first then add hot water once I got to work. Kimchi, tofu, udon, green beans, spring onions, garlic, ginger and the sauce was soy, helen mirin, sriracha, miso paste and topped with about 15kg of coriander and sesame seeds

    no photo as I ate it out of a tuppaware container

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    I never get tired of looking at fried chicken.