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    Just ordered the new KMFDM on vinyl - limited to 150 copies. Can't wait!

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    Frederick James wrote:
    Just ordered the new KMFDM on vinyl - limited to 150 copies. Can't wait!
    That's a bloody small run! has it arrived?

    Had this one show up recently - SpeedWolf: Ride with Death - Basically Motorhead from from Denver, I cant show much of the rest due to somewhat NSFW imagery hehe

    No Idea why Iforce is spinning the images, they certainly arent on the piss when uploading them!

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    Nah the new KMFDM hasn't arrived yet. Any day now tho.

    So tell me, those records that are funky colours etc - i heard that they don't play or sound as well as the standard black ones. I'm not a concert trained pianist or anything like that, so i probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference - have you noticed any difference?

    Oh, and hey, you gonna come up for the Perturbator gig early next year?

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    Some people do really crack the shits about coloured and picture disks, refusing to even consider anything other than straight up black records, for those exact reasons, and I am sure they're concerns are legitimate, but either my ears are terrible or I just dont know better as I cant tell the differences myself, at least not as easily as others

    Though it comes down to the quality and care taken in the pressings too, I have some SOAD bootleg (I think) albums pressed in Yellow and blue, that sound like they have a vacuum cleaner running in the background, full of skips and nastiness, but cost $5 each

    And then I have A pair of PowerWolf Picture disks from Metal Blade records, these were much, much more expensive, but they are absolutley perfect, and play flawlessly, better than a regular black edition i would gamble.

    Wait what, Perturbator is coming here?!?

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    ^ Sweet.

    Yes, Perturbator are coming - see this thread!

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    Ooooooo! goddamn not a good time for getting leave though..... haha

    I recently went from my $10 Aiwa player pinched off a stereo from the early 2000's and some old logitech speakers to a Pioneek PL-30K Player and some Presonus monitor speakers, and the difference was huge, its all so much better sounding, but all of my good picture and coloured records still play perfectly fine on it, so either my hearing is still not flash (possible) or that even with better gear, the records are still fine

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    I got a Projekt Elemental player, with whatever stylus it came with. When i was dusting around it one day, i caught the stylus in the cloth i was using, and snapped it clean off! D'oh! So figured i'd get a better stylus, which was almost as much as the actual player itself, and the jump in quality was phenomenal. So i think it's less about the actual player itself, more about the needle that you use.

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    Yeah, I was flipping through a ultra high end audio catalog I found and you can spend 10K on the stylus alone and still not have the most expensive one out there, those articles where you see someone has spent 150K on their own personal audiophile room, it makes it easier to see just how easy it is to spend that kinda money when a single item smaller than a coin can cost 10K alone - all the while they insist they can hear the difference over a $500 needle lol

    The reason I got the Pioneer was it had auto start\stop but also had the adjustable counterweight and ability to swap in whatever aftermarket stylus you wanted, so far the one it came with is brilliant for me, but it leaves the door open to go for something better in the future