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    Bad Boys 3

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are on board. Joe Carnahan will direct. Set for release in Feburary next year. I guess we know why Smith didnt do Independence day 2. He got a better offer.

    First pre-production image.

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    No Michael Bay?!?!?

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    LOL why would you release an image that shit?

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    Yeah what is the point of that?

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    I can only guess to show the film is in pre-vis, which means its actually going to happen?

    Most films won't get that far without budget approval because it's fleshing out the ideas for the camera shots and VFX from maybe something on the script that might be "GUN FIGHT TAKES PLACE BETWEEN MOTORCYCLE AND CAR" which actually is a four or five minute sequence.

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    Martin Lawrence is certainly fairly fat now.

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    Will Smith has had underlying health issues for a decade. High blood pressure and the med used related to genetics. Hes fixed it recently through a 10 day fast. Just putting that out there.

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    Yea right

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    Uh huh.

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    looks fkn sweet

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Martin Lawrence is certainly fairly fat now.
    Has been 16 years, but don't let that stop you from shaming people from behind your keyboard.