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    Peagles wrote:
    I'd rather have our separate steelbooks tbh. Just keeping an eye out for a place to order online...
    I think for alpha sapphire and omega ruby game UK had steelbooks, but don't remember us getting any? I didn't get them at launch though so might be wrong.

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    Yeh I got mine from the UK. Will do the same for Sun and Moon.

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    Peagles wrote:
    Yeh I got mine from the UK. Will do the same for Sun and Moon.
    Order extra for me imo

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    Seeing as there is no general thread, thought I'd post here.

    With the sudden uptick of Pokemon Go and with it its terrible reliability with servers being trash I've taken to getting stuck back in on my DS with Heart Gold (never got out of Johto). Once I've made it through Heart Gold, and without bothering with Soul Silver, what generation should I pick up next? At a glance there is Black and White, Black and White 2 and X and Y. Do I just go chronologically to Black and White? Or can I skip a generation to Black and White 2 or go straight to X and Y?


    Also looking at getting a 3DS XL for a bigger screen. Is Mighty Ape the best place to purchase the consoles?

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    Yeah definitely go with Black or White, and then the direct sequel to Black or White. Don't make my mistake. I went with Black and then White 2. Didn't realise that was actually a bad idea. Black and White 2 have the same legendaries. White and Black 2 have the same legendaries. Oops.

    After that move on to X or Y.

    Leave OR/AS until last. Its got the most features/graphics, and is one of those "once you've played it, you can't go back to the earlier programming" type games. Like how I can't stand Warcraft 2 BNE since playing WC3, even though I loved the game back in the day.

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    Awesome - cheers for the tips! Currently on the last gym in Blackthorn City in Johto (HG). Levelling my team as the dragon gym leader (Claire) is giving me some trouble.

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    Ice 'mons are your friend. You'll need one for the E4 anyway. I traded over an Obamasnow from Pearl. Dat traded bonus xp.

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    teelo7 wrote:
    Ice 'mons are your friend. You'll need one for the E4 anyway. I traded over an Obamasnow from Pearl. Dat traded bonus xp.
    Yeah, I've got my red Gyarados loaded with ice moves but she usually throws out a Gyarados as well. Once I've sourced a new 3DS XL i'll be able to trade between myself.

    Or just go back to the ice caves and catch something then level the tits off of it.

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    Remember Gyarados isn't dragon. Its water/flying. Use electric on that shiz.

    And since Gyarados isn't part ice, theres no STAB for ice moves.

    I suggest just getting a Swinub or something. I think back in the day I used a Cloyster.

    Shellder on bulbapedia:
    HeartGold SoulSilver Routes 20, 21, 26, 27, 41, and 47, Vermilion City, Cinnabar Island, Pallet Town, and New Bark Town (Good/Super Rod)

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    black and white are the worst games in the entire franchise imo

    Weak story, boring characters, uninteresting world. Would skip.

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    Cheers. Yeah, understand that Gyarados isn't dragon and nor is it ice but he was the only mon I had access to that had ice moves (ice moves being strong against dragon types). Probably better off going for an actual ice type and levelling it.

    Thanks for your help

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    Yeah BW/BW2 were definitely my least played games. I still think they were worth a single playthrough though, for two main reasons:
    1. To understand everyone elses hatred towards them
    2. To nab the starters, breed them, and trade them forward to XYORAS.

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    Rambaldi wrote:
    Order extra for me imo
    Just got an email from EB about them. Go go go...

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    will be ordering in the morning, woo

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    Should I bother playing through Omega Ruby? or just wait for Sun/Moon?

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    Depends on whether you liked the original R/S/E or not, and how critical you are.

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    psure I never played them :P

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    In that case go ahead. If you never played RSE then you won't notice the missing stuff.

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    A new mode called Hyper Training is announced. With Hyper Training, Pokémon that have grown to Lv. 100 will be able to increase their individual strengths (IVs), which has never been possible before. It utilises Bottle Caps as an item in order to boost the stats. Magearna will be given one when distributed
    Oh my...

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    Ended up getting a blue 3DS XL + Alpha Sapphire + a Jigglypuff Amiibo. JB Hifi had a bundle on and the guy threw in an AC charger for cheap as well. Wasn't liking Alpha Sapphire until I got into the next town. Some nifty little features that they've thrown in and because I haven't played any generations between HeartGold and now, it feels like I am coming across Pokemon for the first time again due to not knowing any of the mon I'm coming across. Will go back and pick up X and Y before Sun and Moon release and maybe leave the Black and White series for a rainy day.

    Will go into EB at some stage to buy screen protectors and a case. Dat metallic finish is a finger print collector.

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    Rii wrote:
    and the guy threw in an AC charger for cheap as well
    Wait, what? Does it not come with a charger?

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    teelo7 wrote:
    Wait, what? Does it not come with a charger?
    Hah, nah. Stupid huh? There's a raft of reasons why Nintendo did it purely for better profit margins but only one *potential* reason why it might benefit the consumer; if you're upgrading from a previous 3DS you don't have 2 chargers and theoretically aren't paying for a second one if it was bundled in the box.

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    So you can only charge one of your consoles at a time? Thats stupid.

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    teelo7 wrote:
    So you can only charge one of your consoles at a time? Thats stupid.
    Yeah. They probably wanted to deliver it to the NA market at a sub $200 mark so omitted the charger.

    One of the stupidest things I've seen in tech for sure. Sell a rechargeable device with no way to charge it unless a charger is purchased separately.

    Then again, Nintendo don't see themselves as a tech or even a gaming company, they like to call themselves a 'toy' company.

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    Damn it. Im constantly losing my 3ds charger aye. lol. FFS. bought one of those cheap chargers of trademe as a replacement. lost that in like a month ****in useless haha. .