GP boasts their YOLO upgrades

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    No need to pay far more for x570 (for me personally).

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    Same CPU performance on B450* X470* and X570. So unless you want the added features of X570, no point paying extra.

    *not all boards created equal, check reviews if looking to throw in a 8 core+ chip.

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    x470 for me (ASUS Prime Pro). Cheaper, quieter and uses less electicity than the x570.

    I'll wait for the x670 or x770, when they've got the cooling sorted and there's a use case for PCIe4.

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    Yolod a 1660ti, corsair k63, one of their lapboards and a logitech mx master for my media pc, removes the need of console pain for TV gaming

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    Pxndx wrote:
    Think I'm one the people that get the dud b450/3600 combo. Might see if I can return this mobo.

    Edit: sweet, seems to be working so far.. had to do a ton of troubleshooting.
    Which Mobo did you get

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    Is this still the YOLO thread? Shouldn't be hearing anything about the X570 unless someone bought one

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    Kog wrote:
    Which Mobo did you get
    B450 Tomahawk

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    BorgWarner wrote:
    Is this still the YOLO thread? Shouldn't be hearing anything about the X570 unless someone bought one :P

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    This guy tested the x570 taichi overheating chipset theory.

    And even using a hair dryer to blow hot air into the gpu wasn't enough to make the PC crash.

    So it seems it's not an issue, those who did run into issues probably just got dud boards that needs a RMA

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    Yolo'd and went full AMD

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    I cant help but notice there are 2 of everything

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    PC for the husband and wife? Sounds like a sweet LAN

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    Yes only way i could convince her to buy it :[

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    Ordered a Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3200 MHz DDR4 2x16gb kit this time, came out to $254.87nzd.

    I'm guessing it will arrive this time.. lol

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    ajaxx wrote:
    Yolo'd and went full AMD

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    ajaxx wrote:
    Yolo'd and went full AMD
    Dats a serious yolo

    Dem twin machines

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    X570 and 5700xt inside a 570x case... Nice!

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    Dafuq resolution am I going to play at that needs 312 cards?
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    So this is what the world has come to

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    someone buy them and sell me a 1070 for $160

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    Good. The tracking of my new ram is working unlike the other stuff (which still hasn't come). Curious to see how it benches with the userbenchmark test in comparison to my temp 8gb corsair value stick (which I'll be selling if anyone's keen).

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    Userbenchmark is a joke FYI.

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    What's good these days? Last time I benched with something was with 3d mark a decade or more ago lol.

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    seen a lot of youtubers use unigine heaven and cinebench, not sure about one that tests ram specifically

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    Just yolo’d a 2600 for $229 from PB Tech. Really wanted the 3600 but couldn’t justify the extra $120.