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    Very true, they boost based off temps now, I'd probably wait for a triple fan model to go on sale and pick that up if you are more worried about temps/ noise as Iron said performance difference is pretty minor.

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    Fragluton wrote:
    They boost from the factory now anyway, so manual overclocking is mostly a waste of time.
    Yes but mostly no.

    GPU Boost is great but doesn't compete with manually adjusting power limits and fan curves for sustained higher clocks.

    I guess some may argue the semantics but IMO if you're manually adjusting your power or voltage in order to reach higher clocks then that counts as overclocking.

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    What sort of gains do you get? Obviously overclocking is always going to exist, I just think compared to years ago, out of the factory is pretty good. I can't see very big gains unless you're happy with high fan curves to combat the extra heat. I can overclock / undervolt my card, but for the gains, it's not really worth the time to tune it. Overclocking enthusiasts will always want that extra clock score though.

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    you can get like 10-20% extra FPS in games , in some cases that could push you over some magic number (like 60fps) but you're mostly right.

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    10-20% is totally worth it. The benches I had seen a while back (turing release) seemed to show that they had set the bar pretty high at the factory in regards to performance. A bit like AMD did with 2700X etc, trying to squeeze every bit of performance out of the chips. Not much left for enthusiasts to get. On the plus side, with them pushing the performance up, it meant you could get the cheapest cards and still be super close to much more expensive models of the same chip.

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    it also depends on the card in a way - in my case it was mostly the cooling holding my card back, once that was replaced the clocks and performance improved considerably,

    i imagine you wouldn't see as good results if you had one of the high end cards with the mega coolers

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    Did they purposely put sexxy in the product name?

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    Marketing teams :/

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    Not sure if this really meets YOLO criteria but I went and bought this yesterday:


    Nice upgrade from my old Dell U3011.

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    It's yolo. Gratz