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    Sounds like a cool update. Maybe in the next one they can tone down the crafting requirements so its not like you're permanently hunting and gathering

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    I'm not sure that "free" should have ever been mentioned.

    It makes it sound like there was a possibility that it wouldn't normally be free. Which is absurd and even an unintentional implication that it could be not free is dangerous in an industry notorious for taking jack-shit ideas and running with them.

    If something like this was left out of the base game, then it is only natural for it to be patched in. Survival modes are common. If the wrong people get it into their heads that they can now charge for them...

    Am I being too paranoid?

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    That's good. I played the game when it was released and found it had potential but was too annoyed by little things such as player respawning instead of dying, the enemy blips on the minimap, how it was so easy to tame very dangerous animals. Also how exploration was pointless due to not being able to toggle selected elements off on the map.

    I almost sold the game but I'm glad I held on to it now because it looks like they're really improving it. The first patch had an option to turn off the red enemy blips on the minimap, and I have high hopes they'll continue to improve the game.

    In a few more months it might be ready to play.

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    In far cry primal survival, your reality is loaded with predators, who need just to make you their next meal, so give careful consideration as you travel around. Hold your listening ability under additional consideration too, keep an eye out for strides drawing closer, red markers on your minimap will also show that risk is close. You essentially can't beat an eager wolf or a bear, so when you understand that you are being pursued at that point promptly endeavor to get to higher ground, you can simply get over a stone at that point to abstain from getting assaulted, notwithstanding bouncing over a tree can get you enough time to rapidly mend yourself, on the off chance that you got harmed amid the pursuit, hopping into the water can also enable you to get away from specific foes yet realize that a few predators can swim as well.