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    looks like another classic remedy game, can't wait to play

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    Your enthusiasm is infectious, Baz. Might have to start saving my pennies.

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    Pre ordering it now. Was pretty sure I'd get it but the game sounds better than I expected

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    This looks right up my alley, going to play it on PC I think.

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    Keen as. Had no idea this was out so soon. Mean.

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    Looking forward to this

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    Played this at the MS event in Auckland last month. Was heaps of fun. Great gameplay and felt like a game you could just play all day. Sadly i dont have a XBONE or really want to rely on the MS store to get the game.

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    Score seems high given the negative points mentioned.

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    Not sure how it's going to perform on PC, have to wait for PC reviews first before purchasing if I can get the store to work again...

    Also this Windows Store only BS is really off-putting for me.

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    So keen for this.

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    This seems to be getting some mega mixed reviews.

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    Mox wrote:
    mega mixed
    plz stop being racist. thanks

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    Performance is a mess from most of the reviews. Texture issues and poor anti-aliasing are also among the issues presented.

    Multi-GPU and downsampling (DSR) are not supported since it's a Windows store title, Reshade is also not supported due to exe issues. If you own an XBone, then give it a go but if you are hoping to play the PC version I would either skip it or wait for some major patches.

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    not surprising since it got its pc port at the last minute, so it was a rush job to get it ready for launch, X1 the platform of choice until those issues are resolved

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    I'm very much enjoying it. The gunplay is a bit janky on the XB1 unfortunately, I feel like it'd be several times better with a mouse/KB

    From a storytelling perspective it's phenomenal, and while often self-narrated, it doesn't suffer from that same weirdness that Alan Wake did wherein it was often just him telling us exactly what we're already seeing/experiencing. Loved the first episode of the live-action show, drew me in even further.

    I wish the PC version wasn't done in such a ****ing weird way but whatever, I can wait until it's ironed out and do my second playthrough on PC

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    A lot of people are saying it's just 720P poorly downsampling/upscaled to 1080P (since that's basically what the Xbone version does), I hope that's not the case but after the Arhkam Knight crap I really don't know anymore.

    Watched some gameplay and cinematic videos, looks pretty good as far as the story and dialogue etc are concerned.

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    Never heard of this until a couple of weeks ago when it came up on my youtube subs.

    9.5?! Dang son! Might need to give it a whirl.

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    Its crazy how much variation there are in the reviews for this game. Giant Bomb pretty much hated it. After watching a few twitch streams i'm super keen for it though. Looks quite fresh if nothing else.

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    It's an enjoyable game none the less

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    True4m wrote:
    Its crazy how much variation there are in the reviews for this game. Giant Bomb pretty much hated it. After watching a few twitch streams i'm super keen for it though. Looks quite fresh if nothing else.
    I kind of wished they hadn't used the actor for iceman as the main character. Every time I see him, I just think "Iceman" and his weak acting from the x-men movies.

    Would've preferred non-real life human face for the main character. Then it wouldn't have come with biased opinion.

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    Reviews have been crazy varied eh. I'm on Xbox One (about four hours in) and I've found the game to be decent, but not amazing. The cover system is kinda crap, and the gameplay feels really old school. Despite all the nice particle effects and time distortion stuff, I feel like I've played this game many times before. That wouldn't normally bother me though, so I'm not sure why QB hasn't grabbed me. Maybe I'm finally burning out on linear third-person action games. Maybe the environment is too boring - it is incredibly well rendered, but it does lack a bit of character.

    The story is the only thing that has really stood out for me, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to sink many more hours in to see what happens. I've only watched two of the live action episodes. Like the gameplay, they were decent (surprisingly good, actually), but when there is so much amazing TV out there not tied to a game I'm not in love with... yeah I dunno. It just doesn't feel fresh the way I was hoping it would.

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    $110 from the Windows store is a bit rough especially considering Steam has refunds now... I'd give it a go if it was half that price.

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    To me, this feels like the perfect mix of Telltale, Mass Effect, Max Payne and a Science Fiction version of The Wire.
    I know that doesn't really make sense, but hell... it's a really bloody good game, and It really feels like you're experiencing something new, which is so welcome.

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    This could be the one which sucks me into getting and xbone now. Looking really decent and all for story driven games!