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    Dammit sad to see sorry go, but WoW could still be used sarcastically after making a big move and then your character says "Incredible!"

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    But they didn't change well played which was most frequently used for the exact same thing. Hmm.

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    I used them both, if I make a good play then I say well done and wait 3 seconds then I say Thank you... so in other words to myself haha

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    doesn't help that most of the voice acting was really sarcastic when using the sorry emote to start with, especially zoolocks, **** those guys...

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    Do people really care about the emotes? I really could not care less. The only time its an issue is when someone spams the emotes. Otherwise its has zero affect on me or my game.

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    Don't tend to care no. The only change I would have made is to add auto-squelch

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    The replacement is more sarcastic than the rest of them combined.

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    Dicey wrote:
    But they didn't change well played which was most frequently used for the exact same thing. Hmm.
    Or "Hello", or "Thanks", or "Oops"... I think we see where this is going.

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    The new emote is subtle advertising for the Hearthstone MMO.

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    I greet everyone at the start of the game. If I see a good move, I use "well played". Though more often than not I'm frustrated by a "good move" because there are very few decks that are self built. Most people just go for the core builds. Which means I see the same "good move" over and over and over again and it gets old and frustrating fast.

    The Arena and the Brawl are great places to get to see really great moves, though.

    And that's where I used to use "Sorry", too. When I see the other player struggling and the cards just come out in the perfect order for me? I honestly feel bad, so I say sorry when I ace them and I can see they have been struggling the whole time. Games like that aren't fun when I'm on their end. I used "Sorry" genuinely. I'm sorry that the RNG didn't make their game more fun. I'm sorry that the game was weighted in my favour. I enjoy the games much more when things are more balanced.

    Haven't used "Wow" yet. But then I've been farming gold so I haven't had the time to dip into the more fun areas.

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    teelo7 wrote:
    The new emote is subtle advertising for the Hearthstone MMO.
    hearthstone MMO announced:

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    Love dropping this bad boy after wasting someone in PvP:

    If someone attacks me unceremoniously or does something rude, I drop the "Thanks!" carving.

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    Exactly, "Thanks" is about a thousand times more sarcastic than "Sorry". There isn't even a non-troll use for Thanks, while Sorry came up when you had to rope on an early turn due to RL stuff.

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    WOW is even more sarcastic, I spammed it 20 times before playing my 20/20cthun

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    ... There ... is... a non-troll use for Thanks...

    You use your cards well and the other guy says "Well Played"... so you say... ??????

    Basic social etiquette.

    It's not the emotes that are at fault. It is the people being sarcastic asses for the sake of being sarcastic asses. The number of people who can win just by facing with their remaining minions, but instead sit there and try to play every card in their hand, and then try and use their minions in such a way that they "kill" you with the highest amount of overkill...

    Bad winners. People who have to rub it in your face that they beat you? Either they are massive jerks that don't win all that much so they have to show off when they do, or they are so massively ego-driven that they have to show off every win. Or both.

    Just end the game.

    Just acknowledge when a good play is made (Or say nothing, nobody forcing you to do anything).
    Just acknowledge when someone tells you they think what you did was good.
    Just stop being a sarcastic ass.

    Why are people so rude? Why is that the accepted, expected, norm?

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    After a few days playing with the new changes, no, this change is just straight up bad. Whoever had their fee-fees hurt by people ironically using "sorry" and posted some massive forum outrage can suck it. "Wow" is used far more dick-swingingly aggravating than "sorry" ever was, and I can't even genuinely apologise now if I'm distracted by a flatmate/network time out, or just genuinely want to acknowledge to my opponent, that I see his rng-based card lost him the game and know how bad that feels?