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    Mancubus wrote:
    The Tomb Raider and the Womb Raider.

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    There has to be a new tomb raider porno.

    I'll research.

    brb in 45 minutes.

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    jords wrote:
    There has to be a new tomb raider porno.

    I'll research.

    brb in 45 minutes.
    It'll take you 44 minutes to find it?

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    I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this - really good, albeit kind of old fashioned, adventure film. Was interesting to see how much they lifted straight from the game.

    About 10000x better than the original attempt with Jolie. I am a little surprised at the reviews, considering this was just as enjoyable as your average Marvel flick. Think I actually enjoyed it more than Black Panther..

    Vikander carried the film on her back, as she should as the titular character. I liked the guy who played Lu Ren too. Twist at the end was a bit hokey, but it's a good setup for the next film.

    Gwarden wrote:
    Also, I know the new game series has a lot of escape sequences, but can we call a moratarium on 'escaping from a crumbling building/ ruins' in movies? It's been done to death.
    Nah, It's stupid, but I'll always love these sequences. Just like I'll always love exploding buildings and slow mo dives. There's something pure about switching the brain off for a second and liking it unironically.

    Also, I'm not one for review conspiracies, but if this had Marvel slapped on it and Lara had a more obvious kind of superpower; I feel like this would be 90% on RT.

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    I watched it tonight and had low expectations going in, being a video game film and all - even knowing that the plot was mostly lifted from a good game, that I enjoyed.

    I found it enjoyable enough for a brainless popcorn flick and thought it was certainly better than the Jolie ones, however I wouldn't put it in the league of Blank Panther.

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    Reckon Vikander as a lead runs rings around Chadwick Boseman as one, who I thought was actually the weakest part of BP. BP had more interesting and less on the nose themes, though was also bogged down by a poor last 1/3rd.

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    Enjoyable flick, hopefully it gets a sequel and they don't have to play it so 'safe'.

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    this genre of morally righteous children inheriting/fighting their father's evil corporation is getting a bit redundant (e.g., Batman, Iron Fist, Revenge...) but I think Vikander is a good Lara Croft. Her athletic physique made a lot of what she was able to do plausible. but her face-acting did a lot for her performance too. Meaning, she wasnt afraid to look stupid, ugly, confused etc when getting hit or falling, unlike your Angelina Jolie or your Keanu Reeves brand of actioner where they are just oh so cool™.

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    I thought it sucked. long drawn out introductory seemed like half the movie, action scenes were mostly so stupidly ridiculous ... way beyond my ability to suspend disbelief. idiotic cliches abound, soldiers with automatic rifles (always miss) main bad dude with pistol, puts the sidekick down with a single shot. That room with no floor, lets leave that out of the escape sequence. I guess I should be grateful. Pointing a bow and arrow at a helicopter & the pilot is all "hold me, I'm scared". It was better than grandma jolie's version, I guess, but who could remember?

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    Watched this expecting it to be good.. after playing the games I can't see how anyone who has also would of enjoyed this. While the movie wasn't bad as far as game adaptations go the story was really quite shit and I had a hard time caring for any of the characters. Alicia is hot and all but she just seems a tad to small to be tomb raider but not the worst choice either I guess.


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    Apparently the sequel is coming in 2021.

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    Ben wheatly as the director is interesting

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    First one was ok but didn't think it was that great or made enough money to warrant a sequel.

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    At least the movie was better than the Jolie versions lol

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    Ben Wheatley as director is insane. This could be great.

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    WarZoner wrote:
    At least the movie was better than the Jolie versions lol
    When my young niece (age 12) saw the Jolie version she remarked "Look at her tits bouncing all the time". I looked sheepishly away