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    this is tripping me tf out

    the first trailer features the song I'll Keep Coming by Low Roar. I bought the album earlier in the year.

    Kojima has re-released the second trailer but played to my favorite song on the album 'Easy Way Out'

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    Check to see if there's a web cam spying on what you sing in the shower.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Horizon & Deathstranding look pretty amazing using the upgraded Decima Engine - I didn't like something bout how Killzone:Shadowfall was being rendered.

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    Lovecraftian courier simulator. Should appeal to fans of Steam dad games like Euro Truck Sim, House Flipper.

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    Expect this game to be similar to the Shadow of the Colossus genre

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    so from what I'm guessing + cobbling together analysis vids,

    Sam was in a high position of power, like President, and possibly responsible for either everything turning to hell, or being taken to some kind of purgatory. He works for one of two or more delivery companies.

    Rain / monsters cause your aging to accelerate. In the latest trailer he gets as far from the building he's in to get caught, after sharing his conscious with the baby which once he's caught by the baddies, while he is taken, it grows and lives as the baby.

    Everyone will play as Sam, however once you die, you possibly become one of the monsters though not sure how that's going to work unless it will indeed have rogue-lite / dare I say it : battle royale elements. Your main role will be a delivery man with some combat, but it's not necessarily encouraged.

    Eh I keep saying I don't care about the game but I'm still interested. Interviews with staff claim they still have no nfi what the game is about even after lengthy discussion: I'm wondering if once it comes out we will be actually pretty straight forward and be like 'oh.. is that it...'

    I'm fairly sure the 1st trailer starts where the 4th finishes (in the 4th he's pulled under, where in 1st he then wakes up on the beach, baby disappears as he continues in another life.. or .. something )
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    Kojima confirms that deatstranding is slightly behind schedule. probably end up being a ps5 cross-gen launch title.

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    I always thought all there big games would be that.

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    Apparently some new footage/info is being dropped on the 29th.

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    Valeyard wrote:
    Apparently some new footage/info is being dropped on the 29th.
    Also possible release date or window.

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    WTF is happening! November 8th release date?

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    Valeyard wrote:
    Apparently some new footage/info is being dropped on the 29th.
    I bet 90% of the footage will be some form of walking, crawling, running, swimming.

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    LOL the collector’s edition comes with its own life-sized pod baby

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    Was a pretty decent trailer, not bad at all for such a crazy game.

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    What did i watch lol

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    That ww1 part reminded me of The Darkness a bit.

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    fuzzy2308 wrote:
    LOL the collector’s edition comes with its own life-sized pod baby
    Honestly first time i have been tempted for a collectors edition costing that much
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I believe in Kojima.

    This is either going to be 10/10 all day or some incoherent trainwreck, day one can't wait.

    Looks so, so crazy.

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    Shame it doesn't seem to be coming to PC anymore. Something to do with Kojima using a Sony exclusive engine apparently. You can see why he would want it on PC though. Looks incredible.

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    Old but explains a good lot of the relationship between Sony / Kojima in the selection of engine for Death Stranding.

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    8th Nov so 9th for us future folks eh?

    Was a 7/10 on the to get radar. Think its now a 9.