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    I'm interested to see if there will be more variation to enemy types than just zombies; corporate factions, rival gangs, grizzly bears etc..

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    That's fine, it just an option in a title with sandbox gameplay. tLoU's stealth gameplay against zombies are forced segments on an utterly linear rail track.

    F*cking CoD games like Black Ops 2 have done far more interesting things with narrative structure than tLoU. It's just another railroad game, interactive movie from the current conservative as f*ck incarnation of Naughty Dog. They were a studio not afraid to take risks in the PS2 era, now they're just a shittier Telltale who substitute compelling player-driven storytelling with linear corridor shooting, linear scripted sequences, linear platforming, etc.
    Can I have whatever rubbish it is you're smoking please. You are off your face lol

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    TLoU DLC Left Behind is all g

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    Crow#Zero wrote:
    I'm interested to see if there will be more variation to enemy types than just zombies; corporate factions, rival gangs, grizzly bears etc..
    They've confirmed that there is wildlife in the game as the event that turned humans didn't affect animals, so I'd expect that there will be aggressive wild animals you have to deal with as well as ones you can hunt for food as crafting/gathering seems to be a huge part of the game, they have also confirmed that there are rival gangs.You play as a bounty hunter and the demo at E3 was a bounty hunting sidequest, hunting down a biker “2 Dog” and tried to show the danger of leaving the safety of encampments, so yes there are animals (maybe bears), rival gangs and various human settlements to interact with, on a side note, the devs have also stated that the mission shown at E3 can be played "millions" of different ways. On another side note, the demo at E3 was played live during the Sony conference, it wasn't prerecorded or anything.

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    Delayed to 2019. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Days Gone and Last of Us 2 in 2019, two awesome zombie games in one year, this gon be good!

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    This year is stacked so I am happy.

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    I watched a few hours of alpha gameplay footage over the weekend.

    It looks very similar to The Last of Us and Uncharted. So much so, that the main character, Deacon just looks like a mashup of Joel and Nathan from TLoU and Uncharted. Very similar mechanics to those games too. The only real difference I've seen so far is the motorbike, and the hordes.

    Yet I still feel like I want to play well done Sony on making me want to play more of the same, only different.

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    Looks pretty meh to me. My hype meter has gone way down.

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    I thought TLoU2 was out this year?

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    Sebly wrote:
    I thought TLoU2 was out this year?

    Id be very surprised if it was. Id say we've got another year at least.

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    Game looks like my cup of tea, I am assuming a Feb 2019 release

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    Some good impressions here

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    For the best, it looked quite janky.

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    Huge backlog anyway so i welcome any delays

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    First quarter is pretty stacked anyway, so I don't mind.

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    Isn't April one of the more quieter months for game releases?

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    WarZoner wrote:
    Isn't April one of the more quieter months for game releases?
    Yes! A great time to release a game.

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    Sony doesn't seem to be pushing this game very hard? Not a good sign.

    Has anyone pre ordered the game? Seems like too much of a risk to me

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    nah I'm still not sold on this game

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    I wasn't sold initially but once they expanded on the story I was. Can't wait myself.

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    I am sold.

    Don't know what you are meaning about no push. Story trailer in SOP last week, press tours for past month and numerous previews on the major websites. Sony have been quiet about everything for a while and only gonna get worse with not appearing at E3.

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    I think it's being pushed pretty hard, been front and foremost on most gaming sites for the past 6-8 weeks. I was a bit worried after hearing what people had to say after the E3 demo but all I've heard are very good things from people who have actually played it recently.