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    Estumas wrote:
    No the puzzles in the final game are very simple compared to the coin thing with the finger in the demo... that were seemingly PT like. The most complex puzzles in the final game is making shadows with shapes.
    Thanks. I was really enjoying the demo until i got stuck and had to check out how to solve some of the puzzles. I doubt many people actually figured that stuff out on their own.

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    Have you guys played the banned footage 1 & 2? Is it worth buying?

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    I have. Without knowing what the 3rd paid DLC will be (there is a free one coming, which has just been delayed) I would hold off until the season pass is on sale. Most of the modes are just mini-games that back in the day would have been the sort of stuff you unlocked after finishing the game. Only one of the DLC is story based - Daughters - which deals with how the Baker family got involved. It has two endings and isn't massively long.

    The rest of it is all horde timed survival, a harder difficulty random map, and quirky mini-games, like a torture card game (which admittedly are all mostly fun) but may not be worth the asking price. Certainly suggest once you finish the game to look up some footage online so you can see what it's like.