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    Nice article. Indeed not that much talk bout Titanfall going on. I did get a chance to play some Titanfall on Origins when it had a F2P weekend, I didn't end up playing all that much.. It was good but just didn't grab me. Will keep an eye on the new one, but with so many games this year I can't go round buying them all, maybe when it gets a good price drop.

    Titanfall on VR would be quite awesome, I really want a good Mech MP game on VR (not RIGS!). Would prefer a title more like the arcade game Virtual On (With two PSMove controllers!), so much time in the arcade playing that game

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    RIP Titanfall 2. EA are sending this game out to die. Launching within weeks of directly competing juggernaut franchises like Battlefield, CoD and Gears is suicide. This game should come out in a quiet time of year like March, April, May.

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    I had a few games over the weekend and pretty much got smoked after the first two mins of a match each time. They can easily rename this to boyscoutfall as camping was rife, and to any noobs like me not knowing a map it was painful and annoying to play.
    I'll try it again in the next beta but at this point didn't enjoy playing and will be happy to spend my hours playing bf1 than this.

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    Yeah I hated it. Felt like Advanced Warfare with all the camping on rooftops and boosting around & shit

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    Yeah I hated it. Felt like Advanced Warfare with all the camping on rooftops and boosting around & shit
    did you play the previous one?

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    MysticNZ wrote:
    did you play the previous one?
    Yeah but back then the advanced movement stuff was new so didn't mind it that much, even though i got bored of it after a week. I knew what to expect but thought I'd try TF2 anyway since its free. I think I'm just craving a good "boots on the ground" FPS since I'm not a fan of this advanced movement shit anymore

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    The pilot vs pilot in the technical test is amazing imo. Can't stand the titan modes tho

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    Tried this on the weekend, the gameplay was twitch spamfest crazy.

    People jump out of nowhere shooting behind themselves. Then you see on the replay they turned around... on their screen.
    So not a fan of the network code or lack of lag compensation.

    TTL is so short you die by the time you hear shots being fired at you. People shooting you from miles away with automatic weapons that don't seem to have any drop-off, camping and spamming twin barrel sniper rifles when they get to unlock them.

    Wallrunning didn't feel smooth or natural. Double-jumping was nice for getting on rooftops, the grapple failed to actually grapple on a lot of things.

    The titans were OK when you finally get one, but this game puts a lot into the pilot vs pilot battles, and I don't like how it plays.

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    I'd take this over the new CoD or Gears any day. BF1 and this would be my chosen MFPS.

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    They took out Rodeo....


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    IST wrote:
    They took out Rodeo....


    Huh? I've seen videos with people riding on the Titans...