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    Frederick James wrote:
    Got a few of the fresh hop brews tonight, a GP, a Liberty and a Behemoth. Consuming in that order, least ABV to highest. Good night so far!
    w0lfbrains wrote:
    People think I'm weird for doing that. I always order my beers from light to dark, less intense taste to more intense, lager to IPA then sour
    I do the same, taking into account all that stuff. Those people who think you're weird might be right, but they're still basic bitches

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    Local New World has been doing $4 cans of Ballast Point lately. Grapefruit Sculpin

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    what in fresh hell
    that's so cheap, hope it hasn't cooked too much intransit that's one of my favourite beers. Imitated by many and never beaten

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    The cheapest nice beer I enjoy. My kombucha bottle matches it too

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    finished early for the day and decided to grab a few beers on the way home.... basically just went by whatever had the coolest cans without thinking too much.... 2 cans later and I'm blown the **** out... why are these beers 8% lol

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    Mystery of the cheap Ballast Point cans solved; they're all at least 6 months past bb. I've noticed some other stores selling it cheap lately too.

    Tastes fine, I guess especially being in cans. But it would be good if places like Thorndon New World actually stated the reason for the special (they've done this before with other beers).