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    I love the Pretty Pretty Pretty Pineappley from Behemoth Such a good Pale Ale.

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    trackers wrote:
    Went for a surf last night. The surf was amazing, the sun was out, and the bros and I had a couple GP DFAs and Red Rocks, in a flagon straight from the brewery, after. Was so damn good

    Went to the liquor store today and they had DFA for $2.99... I was like wtf. Grabbed a handful, took to the counter and they said it was a mistake, but they'd honor it (and no I wasn't allowed to get more lol).

    Why is life so good?
    ^ Wait until you hear about the surf pumping while you're out doing something else or you drove to the wrong spot while other surfers rub it in your face that it was epic at their spot

    I tend to fall into the category of buying a couple of craft beers but prefer to buy a dozen of Moa/Macs/Monteiths cos money is tight at the moment with home renovations. Mata is a local favourite of mine.

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    JoeSkie wrote:
    Moa/Macs/Monteiths cos
    That's usually the range I'll buy as I can't justify buying Panhead then smashing 3 bottles in a sitting. But I like BRB over those cheaper ones as it taste a bit more bold for me.