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    Depends heavily on the Genji too, good ones wreck Bastion no mater what you do.

    Am I the only one who think Bastion just isnt a very good character? Prefer to have a Torb or almost anything else played 1/2 well.

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    Bastion is a cheeky guy if you plant him in the right spot. But you never stay for long because an elephant never forgets.

    I usually get done by one when they're hidden coming out of a spawn point.

    The way I play him is pretty 1-dimensional though. He's good if you've got a Reinhardt to pop a shield.

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    Here is the new character introduction video:

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    from the blizz launcher, this is really well done.

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    really loved that one haha, so good!

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    I'm not one for parodies but that was *really* well done.

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    Makes you wanna jump in QP and heal some bads

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    Doing it while we can, in competitive. Made for a funny victory screen, at least.

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    Rekuja wrote:
    Makes you wanna jump in QP and heal some bads
    it wasnt _that_ good.

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    Pulled this shot out of my ass somehow...

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    Id be so mad if that happened to me.

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    Hah I bet the guy who ate that was like "huh, I bet he was surprised as I was" then threw his mouse across the room.

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    ^ahaha ****ing epic shot rek, nice. Reminds me of some of the clutch medic picks we used to get in tf2

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    For my first round after installing the new patch, I thought i'd give the reworked D.VA i've been hearing so much about a go... i'm liking that quicker countdown timer for her Ult

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    Enjoying Ana immensely.

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    Zarya cactus.

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    Get yer armour.

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    We used it all on their last push. It was hilarious. Unkillable dwarves ftw.

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    One of my mates just got overwatch and got play of the game and we all just cracked up

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    Holy shit this is hilarious

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    DJ wrote:

    hahaha! so this is what im missing

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    Had a bit of a chuckle to myself at how casually I was able to just float past them.

    anyone know why my videos wont embed?

    edit: Gam - ive fixed it for you. (you can use the little movie reel button when you click reply up the top of the text box or the [ video ], [ /video ] code (no spaces).
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    you need the full youtube video link to embed e.g. http s:// HQTLEq4IDrM&

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    Cheers Gambit

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    More like Whomeveryoulikeball.

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