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  1. Smile

    new skins releasing for chinese new year

    looking very cool

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    finally joined the master club!

  3. Yelling

    pro pharah

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    A compilation of my worst fails....... I'm gonna post this first and get it out the way cause its funny but depressing. I have better vids that i will post later.

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    Pro Hanzo

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    Hanzo in the right hands

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    This pic says a lot about Overwatch IMO. Smurf and thrower in one delightfully toxic package.

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    Pretty much sums up any game with a competitive element sadly

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    Whereas today I played comp for the first time in months and had an awesome game with a cooperative team.

    I don't expect that to last, mind you.

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    check out my channel main Widowmaker [/U]

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    Share and Subs , likes

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    I'm basically Seagull.

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    Got demeched on Horizon, and somehow just about fell off the moon altogether.

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    Rekuja wrote:
    I like to annoy D.VA :P
    Torrent TurboTax Gogoanime
    These aren't particularly action packed, just a few moments I captured. The longer vid is one of the more enjoyable matches I've had. Going toe-to-toe with Winston as Zarya seems to be an even match and can go on for a while!

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    Good old mystery heroes.