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    Looking for a team? looking for members? post in here!
    Let people know what heroes you play and what your schedule is like.
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    Sup Gents

    Current team has fallen apart.

    Looking for a group to run some competitive.

    I'm on most evenings from 6pm till midnight, (occasionally I'll be out or on call for work). Weekends are much the same, can make time for games etc however. New Zealand based.

    I main tanks, can play all tanks as needed (i prefer DVA but am well aware a Rein or Zar is usually a better pick).
    Alternatively I'll happily heal (Symmetra sometimes happens ).

    In general I'm fairly flexible but tend to lean towards being a support of some description.

    Have mic/headset and will happily use any voice client.

    You can contact me via PM on GP or by battlenet: han16#1712

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    Looking for a SR 55+ team to join for regular competitive games, keen on running map / team strategy in custom games, I'm on 3-5 nights a week for 3+ hours.


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    Flex looking for team SR 55

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    Greetings all! - #snoogtogi1173 My Current Alias for Overwatch is Snoogi ( - My channel
    I have a hard background playing cs (Online compititive, one-day comps, and also online invitational tournys , CEVo-I) with the team (Which were well known on GP forums) -- My Old team info, results etc!

    I am looking to merg a team together after my experience at PING Zero (2016) -
    Looking for like minded gamers who are willing to commit and puresue with me online tourny comps and get the most potential out of ourselves playing with people with similiar mindset and skills. Flick me a Add (#snoogtogi1173) , "Vikturus" on steam if you on steam! I will be putting together the team in a very short time. We will 100% most likely be attending local lans in Auckland -

    At the moment looking for more great players with just great skills (Aim) and Hindsight who are keen to jam weekly and build up team synergy! I will be checking my messages regularly!
    I Look forward to hearing from most of you

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    ^ your links dont work fyi.

    edit: they are now fixed and working.
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    hmmm when I click on them they work for me - possibly a new account - iv had to remake an account because the one from 2008 doesnt send me an email to reset password - sorry fellow GP

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    Looks for a team too. 99% solo Queued season 1. I'm ok doing that but it's a lot less stressful in a nice group. I do and can play anything. but often end up filling roles that no one else plays like support and tank. hoping that might change in a nice group where people share the roles.

    Let me be clear. I'm looking for nice open-minded people. if you're the sort of person that will say "get off symmetra, we lost the point she is unless now" and your always telling people what to play, you're not the sort of person I want to play with. And I'm guessing I'm not the sort you would want to play with either.

    I also won't accept blind in game friend requests. so PM me here first.

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    Season 1 Rank: 56

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    Tank/Support Looking for a group or team for S2+
    Preferred heroes: Lucio/Zen/Rein/DVA, but comfortable with all tanks/supports bar Ana (need way more time up on her) Free time is mostly on weekends/fridays but can get 1.5-2 hours in most weekdays.
    I'm a pretty relaxed player, I like to win but don't like being a dick to do it (pet peeve is BM) Happy to make calls and take them, have Mic and do use it!

    Trikki#1102 on bnet or PM me through this forum.
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    LF1M Ping zero (pref boss sup or main tank role). PM me!

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    I'm over solo queing so i'm looking to setup a team for weekend comp'ing

    I'm after mid-high silver/gold/low-mid Plat people who

    1) Want to improve, have fun and look good doing it.
    2) Want to enjoy a game of Overwatch without the toxicity.

    Play times would be Friday nights/Saturday afternoon and evenings, It would be good if people could play at least 1 Support/Tank/DPS so people don't feel like heal/tankbots, but that's just a nice to have. a Mic would also be good, otherwise it's hard to hassle me when I Whiff yet another ult

    PM me here or message me in Bnet (Trikki#1102) - if possible avoid just sending a blind friend request as I tend to delete those when i don't know who's sent them.

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    Bois, I'm sick of solo q'ing. I main Tank / Healer - DPS backup. Anyone keen on joining up for new season for a push. add me up

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    I was mid-gold last season by solo queueing and I'm in need of people who're happy to play QP or comp on a casual basis. I play most nights. I'm skilled with Junkrat but since he's not welcome in comp I play Zarya there. I can do Soldier (who can't?) and have been practising with Ana but tend to only use her if nobody else wants to heal so I'm not that good with her yet.

    Add me, ACorpse#6991. I don't mind being told I'm not good enough to run with your group but please give me a try first.

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    Been difficult queuing with my normal group since uni has started back up. Looking for new friends haha. Usually on around 6.30-9pm most days.

    I'm diamond healer main but currently practicing dps/tank on my alt account which is 2.5-2.8k.

    Lexa#11534 lemme know if you add me ^~^

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    Looking for team

    Hi guys, i currently on Sliver, play time everyday ( 2 to 3 hrs ) day off from work will be all day .Add me Phaim86#1378


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    Overwatch Auckland Members!

    Pixel Lounge is opening on the 4th of August 2018, just letting you know you should grab a team of mates and battle off inside! Pixel Lounge is a new Cyber Cafe in Henderson, Auckland.

    Add me on Blizzard
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    Huskie wrote:
    Lexa#11534 lemme know if you add me ^~^
    Hey! Will add you now I play around the same time

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    Hey dude,

    Feel free to add me but I'm now high masters / gm on all accs so probs can't q unless it's qp or arcade haha
    UnsaltyKiwi wrote:
    Hey! Will add you now I play around the same time
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    Huskie wrote:
    Hey dude,
    Feel free to add me but I'm now high masters / gm on all accs so probs can't q unless it's qp or arcade haha
    Sweet! Pretty keen to climb so I will add you anyways and I will join you one day

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    Im looking for a few people or a group to play casual and competitive with on the PS4, i used to be in high plat but then my friends' ego grew too much and now because of their stuff ups and lack of care im stuck in high silver/low gold and i cannot escape. I cannot solo que as i have social anxiety.
    Meeting new people helps me control said anxiety.
    Who i main -
    Dva (confidence in her dropped a little but working on that)

    My schedule is pretty much any time haha, i prefer night time AEST of times between 5pm and 1am.
    Will add that i often record gameplay and i sometimes stream
    My psn is Reddzion