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    What's the point of setting up a Mi account?

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    AstoriaParanoia wrote:
    What's the point of setting up a Mi account?
    Need one to unlock the bootloader, for one

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    ah, gotcha

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    And you need one to control those devices I listed with the app.

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    Set up a Mi account, turned off ads. No more ads than any other phone. Sweet.

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    I know it's old but does anyone have a ROM rec for the Mi A1? I just want stability and simplicity, I'm leaning towards crDroid

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    Anyone had issues buying from HK Goldway before?
    Ordered a smartwatch to try out during their anniversary sale in the weekend.
    Checked it last night and the order got closed due to security issues with my credit card (just an Airpoints Platinum from ANZ) that I've used for years pretty much daily and online.
    Deal has expired now and they won't honour the sale price.

    Just wondering if it's something I'm doing before ordering again.

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    No issues from them so far for me. Bought my A1 and A2 lite during some sort of aliexpress sale but both arrived OK. I use an ANZ debit card.

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    Of course they won't elaborate on the issue so I have no idea on how to make a purchase differently
    I'll wait for my refund to complete processing before ordering again.

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    Billing address and delivery address the same? They likely get a lot of CC fraud, so are covering themselves if anything at all doesn't add up.

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    As far as I know it was the same.
    I'll have a look when I get home.
    They didn't even reply to my question about it hrug:

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    I just picked up a Xiaomi Mi 9se to replace my Pixel XL og. I've only had it for a day and a half but for something that cost 1/3rd of the Pixel I'm very impressed, and the size is perfect.

    I picked up the blue which is an absolute fingerprint magnet, and it's not likely to be as rugged as the Pixel (as most new phones aren't) but very stoked.

    It's fairly comparable to the S10e, which I think had the edge due to it's screen and likely better support, but it was $350 less here in Australia so something I'm fairly happy to live with.

    Really questioning the value of flagships these days - outside of the camera, I'm not really sure I'd notice the performance difference.